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181 Ruth V 1 Comment
182 Lucy V 1 Comment
183 Jemima V 1 Comment
184 Beatrice V 2 Comments
185 Jem Cole V 1 Comment
186 Elsie
187 Alicia Botti Alicia Botti V 1 Comment
188 Nigel V 2 Comments
189 Bluebell

Bluebell is better than Primrose.

V 1 Comment
190 Primrose V 1 Comment
191 Carlos

Carlos of Mexico is the life and soul of the Great Railway Show.

V 2 Comments
192 Frieda

For those who don't know her, she's a new engine in the new movie The Great Race. Frieda is a German engine who participates in the Great Railway Show. She is a contender in the strongest engine competition. - FinnsWorld

Frieda of Germany has come to show that anything boys can do, girls can do better.

She's gonna be racing with Gordon in the race with him?

V 3 Comments
193 Gina

Gina of Italy is described as 'sweet and stylish'.

V 3 Comments
194 Ivan Farrier V 1 Comment
195 Ivan

Ivan of Russia is said to be a real comedian.

V 3 Comments
196 Raul

Raul of Brazil is a strong and agile shunter.

V 2 Comments
197 Shane

Shane of Australia loves to have fun and his carefree ways have made him many friends.

He will compete in the strongest engine race with Henry

Shane is better than The Australian Engine.

I Like him Because, he's Australian. - FinnsWorld

V 3 Comments
198 Yong Bao

Yong Bao of China is a kind and faithful tender engine.

He was introduced in the great race.

V 2 Comments
199 Adams V 3 Comments
200 Cromford V 2 Comments
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