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221 Hugo

Finally there is pictures of him! - FinnsWorld

222 Merlin
223 Frankie
224 Hurricane
225 Harold The Helicopter

Road vehicle version of Gordon.

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226 Rheneas

He has Very Good Manners. - FinnsWorld

Narrow gauge version of Edward.

Rheneas is better than Skarloey and Toby.

Rheneas is better than Smudger & Stanley.

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227 Trevor The Traction Engine

He is a great character and needs to return! - FinnsWorld

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228 Millie

Millie is better than Rosie. - FinnsWorld

Narrow gauge version of Emily,

Millie is better than Luke.

Millie is better than Toby.

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229 Porter V 4 Comments
230 Dennis

At least he showed more personality than Norman. - FinnsWorld

Do you think dennis should return yes or no? - FinnsWorld

He is a great character and needs to return! - FinnsWorld

Dennis is better than Molly.

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231 Splatter

Why do you guys now keep on saying that one character is better than another character? All I said was jack is better than nelson on best jatscc characters and that's where it all began...

It's okay guys. You can still do it.

I started with "Bert is better than Arry" and then couldn't stop myself from saying it a whole bunch of times. Sorry if it annoyed you.

Typical idiotic sidekicks. - FinnsWorld

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232 Dodge V 3 Comments
233 Byron V 3 Comments
234 Patrick

Pack version of Donald/Douglas.

Maybe cut a down a bit on his boastfulness for future apperances. - FinnsWorld

I dunno whether to like him because the Construction Company has a cement mixer or to hate because of his personality and also because he has the same name of one of the Culdee Fell Railway engines. - FinnsWorld

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