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221 Jenny Packard
222 Marshall
223 Blister I

Sorry. You disagreed with me on everything and it seemed like you just wanted to disagree with me for the sake of disagreeing with me.

Now you're just opposing all my comments for the sake of opposing them. Please stop it.

Blister 1 is better than Blister 2.

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224 Blister II

He and Blister I were only mentioned in The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways.
PS. Blister II is better than Blister I.

225 Alaric

Narrow gauge version of Murdoch.

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226 Reverend W. Awdry

Is he the one show created the show And specials also?

I'm adding him because he cameoed in sodors legend of the lost treasure and the great race.

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227 Sam V 2 Comments
228 Jinty
229 Pug V 2 Comments
230 Hannah
231 Hugo

Finally there is pictures of him! - FinnsWorld

232 Merlin
233 Frankie
234 Hurricane
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