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41 Max

I Think They are Funny. But A Lot a People hated Them. - FinnsWorld

Dangerous behaviour is unacceptable in construction sites. - FinnsWorld

Max is better than Monty.

Too cruel. - FinnsWorld

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42 Gator

Probably the best multi-cultural character in the show. - FinnsWorld

My favorite Arc character to date.

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43 Whiff V 2 Comments
44 Scruff

Didn't have the best of introductions in Series 14 but he is slowly improving. - FinnsWorld

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45 Fergus

He's just a really useless and bossy old engine. - FinnsWorld

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46 Bertram

I know he only appeared for 20 seconds but I prefer him over that other engine. - FinnsWorld

Narrow gauge version of Donald/Douglas.

Narrow gauge version of Douglas.

What other engine? Billy?

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47 87546

He and 98462 suck because the reason why, they both only made one appearance ever in the Railway Series book The 3 Railway Engines, and they did nothing but be silent while looking at the engines, so they should be at the botton of the list. - FinnsWorld

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48 Ashima

I like her I wonder if she's gonna be in any future episodes of the show?

Ashima is better than rajiv.

Ashima is better than Rajiv and Raul.

A great female role model. - FinnsWorld

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49 Lady Hatt V 1 Comment
50 Iron Bert

Bert's face masks look cooler than 'Arry's. If you don't believe me look up 'Arry and Bert on the TTTE wikia.

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51 The Boulder

He doesn't count. He's an inanimate object.

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52 Rajiv

I Like him Because, I just like him. - FinnsWorld

Of India.

Who is he?

Thank you.

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53 Etienne

He was introduced in the great race.

He races in the great race with spencer axel flying Scotsman and freida

54 Harvey

Harvey is better than Rocky.

It's Harvey, not Harvy! - FinnsWorld

Harvey is better than Thirteen.

He is one of the best characters ever! - FinnsWorld

55 Salty V 1 Comment
56 Bill

Double trouble equals double fun. - FinnsWorld

Ahh Bill and Ben trolling since the 1980s... They should be a bit higher up on the list

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57 Annie

Where would Thomas be without his loyal companions. - FinnsWorld

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58 Terence

Do you think terence should return yes or no? - FinnsWorld

He is a great character and needs to return! - FinnsWorld

Road vehicle version of thomas.

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59 Boco

He is a great character and needs to return! - FinnsWorld

BoCo is better than Hector.

BoCo is better than Daisy. - FinnsWorld

BoCo is better than Daisy. - FinnsWorld

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60 Rosie

I don't really hate Rosie - I just think she could use some tweaks to her personality. - FinnsWorld

Agreed. Rosie might not be the best character but she's better than that stuck-up silver twit.

Cute and cheerful; what else can I say? - FinnsWorld

Rosie is better than Billy and Flora.

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