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101 Godred

No, Thomas is alive and Godred is dead.

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102 Lord Harry

Narrow gauge version of Dennis.

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103 Jerome

Jerome is better than Judy & Rocky. - FinnsWorld

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104 Judy V 2 Comments
105 Isobella

Isobella is better than Elizabeth.

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106 Butch V 2 Comments
107 Mr. Percival V 2 Comments
108 Caitlin

Caitlin could also takeover the express also and she would make good time also and she would do much better and arrive on time also?

Caitlin dates Connor the streamlined engine

Caitlin is better than Charlie.

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109 Henrietta V 3 Comments
110 Den V 1 Comment
111 Dart V 1 Comment
112 D199 V 1 Comment
113 Byron V 3 Comments
114 Frank

His wooden railway prototype shows him in blue.

Rales dale railway version of Gordon.

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115 Jock

Rales dale railway version of James.

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116 The Duke of Boxford V 1 Comment
117 98462

He and 87546 suck because the reason why, they both only made one appearance ever in the Railway Series book The 3 Railway Engines, and they did nothing but be silent while looking at the engines, so they should be at the bottom of the list. - FinnsWorld

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118 Hector

He was introduced in Season 11. - FinnsWorld

119 Jeremy

I like the idea of an airplane from the mainland, but he didn't get a much of a chance to shine. - FinnsWorld

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120 George

Do you think george should return yes or no? - FinnsWorld

No, Percy is nice and George is mean.

He seemed too cruel to the engines, but he also seemed to briefly show a friendly side in CAE. - FinnsWorld

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