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121 The Duchess of Boxford V 2 Comments
122 Colin

Narrow gauge version of Samson.

Narrow gauge version of oliver.

V 2 Comments
123 Bash

Bash is better than Dash and Ferdinand.

Bash is better than Charlie, Dash & Ferdinand.

Bash is better than Ben, Bill & Dash. - FinnsWorld

V 2 Comments
124 Captain

He hasn't done very much so far, but he's an interesting character to me and I think he should have a starring role in an episode. - FinnsWorld

Road vehicle version of Donald.

125 Logan V 2 Comments
126 S.C. Ruffey

Just had to sing rude songs to Oliver. Another truck who got what he deserved. - FinnsWorld

His song was quite funny, and his design is nice. Although, why was he rebuilt in the adaption of TSB instead of being scrapped like in the original story?. - FinnsWorld

V 2 Comments
127 Reg V 1 Comment
128 Bulstrode

He was always grumbling to the trucks, but he was still okay. - FinnsWorld

No, Duck is cheerful and Bulstrode is grumpy,

V 1 Comment
129 Buster

Do you think buster should return yes or no? - FinnsWorld

Road vehicle version of Stanley.

V 3 Comments
130 Kelly

Do you think kelly should return yes or no? - FinnsWorld

V 2 Comments
131 Owen V 1 Comment
132 Winston V 1 Comment
133 Chinese Dragon V 1 Comment
134 Iron 'Arry

They were always rude to the steam engines, but I prefer them over Splatter and Dodge. - FinnsWorld

V 2 Comments
135 Nelson

Road vehicle version of Douglas.

V 1 Comment
136 Sidney V 1 Comment
137 Dash V 2 Comments
138 Flora

Her introduction could have been better, but she's still okay - FinnsWorld

V 4 Comments
139 Merrick

Road vehicle version of scruff.

V 1 Comment
140 Pip

Pip and Emma are modren electric engines and Gordon is a old steam engine and they would go much faster then Gordon did and takeover from him also and maybe Gordon should just go back to the mainland and work there instead?

Her And Emma were hired to help Gordon out?

V 3 Comments
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