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121 George

Do you think george should return yes or no? - FinnsWorld

No, Percy is nice and George is mean.

He seemed too cruel to the engines, but he also seemed to briefly show a friendly side in CAE. - FinnsWorld

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122 Troublesome Trucks

They were introduced in Season 1. - FinnsWorld

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123 Mr. Perkins

He tells stories from the railway series.

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124 Ferdinand V 3 Comments
125 Neville

He could have been a good character if he had more screen time and dialogue. - FinnsWorld

Neville sucks. Doesn't deserve 113.

126 Splatter

Why do you guys now keep on saying that one character is better than another character? All I said was jack is better than nelson on best jatscc characters and that's where it all began...

It's okay guys. You can still do it.

I started with "Bert is better than Arry" and then couldn't stop myself from saying it a whole bunch of times. Sorry if it annoyed you.

Typical idiotic sidekicks. - FinnsWorld

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127 Dodge V 3 Comments
128 Smudger

He is just plain awesome!

No, Edward is kind and Smudger is rude.

Smudger is better than Stanley.

Because he's a pathetic recolor of Rheneas and that's it!. - FinnsWorld

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129 Hank

He only appeared in one episode, but I still find him an interesting character. - FinnsWorld

Hank is better than Flora and Colin.

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130 The Duchess of Boxford V 2 Comments
131 Colin

Narrow gauge version of Samson.

Narrow gauge version of oliver.

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132 Bash

Bash is better than Dash and Ferdinand.

Bash is better than Charlie, Dash & Ferdinand.

Bash is better than Ben, Bill & Dash. - FinnsWorld

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133 Captain

He hasn't done very much so far, but he's an interesting character to me and I think he should have a starring role in an episode. - FinnsWorld

Road vehicle version of Donald.

134 Logan V 2 Comments
135 S.C. Ruffey

Just had to sing rude songs to Oliver. Another truck who got what he deserved. - FinnsWorld

His song was quite funny, and his design is nice. Although, why was he rebuilt in the adaption of TSB instead of being scrapped like in the original story?. - FinnsWorld

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136 Reg V 1 Comment
137 Bulstrode

He was always grumbling to the trucks, but he was still okay. - FinnsWorld

No, Duck is cheerful and Bulstrode is grumpy,

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138 Buster

Do you think buster should return yes or no? - FinnsWorld

Road vehicle version of Stanley.

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139 Kelly

Do you think kelly should return yes or no? - FinnsWorld

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140 Owen V 1 Comment
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