Best Thousand Foot Krutch Albums

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1 The End Is Where We Begin

Bodaciously awesome

This album really helped be with depression. Every song in the album has a meaning and can empower you! I recommend to everyone to listen this album!

2 Welcome to the Masquerade

Every Song is good

3 Phenomenon

An extremly good album, very powerful, energenic and just amazing as a whole. Granted the #2 album "Welcome To The Masquerade" is a really good album, I think I like "Phenomenon" just a little bit better.

4 Set It Off

Good record

5 The Art of Breaking

A high quality album that rocks hard.

6 The Flame In All of Us
7 Live at the Masquerade
8 That's What People Do
9 Oxygen: inhale

I didn't absolutely hate this album, but I didn't really like it. Easily my least favorite from Thousand Foot Krutch. The biggest problem with this album is that it's too soft. And softness in itself is not bad, but Thousand Foot Krutch are a rock band, and there are barely any actual rock songs on the album. Even the heavier songs on this album sound really weak. - AngryByrd

Oxygan:Inhale : top 3 Album

10 Made In Canada: The 1998-2010 Collection

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11 Exhale

This album deserves to be much higher than it currently is. I listened to this album multiple times and loved every song. It's definitely better than "The Art Of Breaking" but it's probably tied with "The Flame In All Of Us".

This album is TFK gold. With songs like Running With Giants, A Different Kind Of Dynamite, Push, all RAWK(TFK joke) the album while Give Up The Ghost, Incomplete, The River, Born Again, and Lifeline continue to rawk while hitting true meaning. Off The Rails and Can't Stop This give some more fun to the album with a hidden meaning you'll find while Adrenaline gets it going with a Rap/Rock song for even more fun. The Album ends with a slow song called Honest which is no doubt a song of worship that reminds us that we are not prefect but He is there.

Amazing album! definitely should be closer to the top!

12 Metamorphosiz: The End Remixes, Vol. 1
13 Metamorphosiz: The End Remixes, Vol. 2
14 Shutterbug
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1. Welcome to the Masquerade
2. The End Is Where We Begin
3. Set It Off
1. The End Is Where We Begin
2. Welcome to the Masquerade
3. Oxygen: inhale
1. The Art of Breaking
2. The End Is Where We Begin
3. Welcome to the Masquerade

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