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201 Annihilator - Annihilator

Canada's best return with blistering riffs, and, if my memory serves me correct, 40+ blistering solos. A reclamation of 80's thrash, and we all know Waters shreds.

202 The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues - Between the Buried and Me

A 3-song ep that is longer than 'Reign in Blood'. There is no metal band on the planet that can match these lunatics musically, creatively, and in quality. It is mental stimulation at its finest, so do yourself a favour if you like death, thrash, prog, speed metal, metal, blastcore, all in one song. Beast!

203 Demanufacture - Fear Factory

Because the title track and Self-Bias Resistor are two of the most brutal in metal history. The rest is merely superb. 9/10.

Nothing much to say about this one, other than how brutal it is. Probably in the top 20 thrash albums ever made.

204 B.A.C.K - Artillery

Apparently as good as their other classics, with the same line-up as their other classics, but I can't put it in the tray because 'By Inheritance' is welded into my cd player.

205 USA for M.O.D - M.O.D

Milano's S.O.D offshoot doesn't live up to the former, but there's some quality riffs and humour abound in this quality record.

206 Bigger Than the Devil - S.O.D

Yes, there's a sequel, and yes, it's not great, but if you like groove thrash you may want to own it because you're a materialistic hoarder like me.

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207 Forbidden Evil - Forbidden

It's claimed to be their best, but I don't think so. Someone, please prove me wrong.

208 Impact Is Imminent - Exodus

Steve Zetro Souza fronting your album is always a good thing. Take a listen to his original version of Testament's 'Reign of Terror' and see for yourself. Exodus' last classic from their halcyon days.

209 I - Meshuggah

Apologies. Is an album? Is it a single? Is it an EP? I don't think even Meshuggah know themselves. They don't even know how they made this 20-minute epic, and don't even know how to play it! Confused? Same here. But, whatever they did, it is a monster.

210 Silence In the Snow - Trivium

Yes! It's a modern metal killer. Another diverse album from a mature band at the peak of their powers, and Heafy delivers his finest vocal performance yet. The new drummer fills the void with ease.

A few listens in, and it's a grower. They never do the same thing twice, which frustrates some, but not me. Class metal.

Shared! Nice site, too. More people should be posting. They must be morons!

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211 Awakened - As I Lay Dying

Lambesis is in prison, the Metalcore community have disowned them for liking strippers - and execution orders aside - this album is an ode to As I Lay Dying's love of thrash. It is swift, it is aggressive, it has immense breakdowns, and any band that can cover Slayer songs like they can (Decas) deserve membership into the thrash community. This album is melodic and skull-crushing. Long live beer and strippers!

212 Disco Volante - MR Bungle

Hey, it's your show, but Patton and Trey go from Zappa to Slayer and back in a heartbeat. Magic album, even if it gets removed.

It's not thrash, though it certainly is at times. Just a stark bonkers album.

213 Live S***: Binge and Purge - Metallica

At $70, how can you go wrong with 2 immense shows and 3 live cds? Great value, and certainly welcome because very few bands on here released live thrash on VHS or DVD etc.

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214 The Real Thing - Faith No More

FNM best at their best, with their best guitarist. Is it thrash? 'Zombie Eaters', 'The Real Thing', 'Surprise, You're Dead' and 'War Pigs' mount a strong case. Over to you...

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215 Angel Dust - Faith No More

Regarded as their best album, and I had the pleasure of seeing them tour with it. Yes, it's commercial at times, but Martin ensures that it's still metal. 'King for a Day' was good, but Martin was sorely missed afterwards.

FNM at their best, with their best guitarist. Is it thrash? 'Caffeine', 'Malpractice', 'Jizzlobber' claim a strong case. Over to you...

216 King for a Day - Faith No More

FNM with Bungle's Spruance taking over guitar duties. Is it thrash? 'Digging the Grave', 'Cuckoo for Caca! And others provide a strong case. Over to you...

217 Focus - Cynic

Before Between The Buried And Me came along and wrecked the joint, this was the best prog/death album for decades.

A prog/ death classic from the...dunno? Late 80's or early 90's? Classic, either way.

218 Tomorrow We Die Alive - Born of Osiris

I'm seeing and hearing so much great metal from up and coming acts that I don't even care whether Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax or Megadeth are the best anymore. When bands like Born of Osiris, Sylosis, Within The Ruins, Trials, Between The Buried and Me, and god knows whoever else are out there, I'm too busy and broke to care anymore - and that's a good thing, because metal hasn't been great for a while now, but it's getting there at long last.

I just found out about this technical deathcore outfit, and it's a beast of an album. These guys match Within The Ruins, that's how progressive they are. Do yourself a favour...

219 Suicide Society (Deluxe) - Annihilator

We all know Jeff Waters shreds, but he takes on vocal duties on this 2 cd set, and is pretty good. But it's his shredding that matters, and whilst it this album isn't as frenetic as 'Feast' and 'Annihilator', it's still pretty solid. And for the purists, he re-records some old classics. Any fan of solid metal/thrash will like it.

220 Bleed the Fifth - Divine Heresy

Pretty brutal debut from Dino and co. There's a different vocalist than on 'Bringer of Plagues', and he's not as good, but he is still bloody good.

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