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221 Recreation Day - Evergrey

The Swede's excellent follow-up to 'In Search of Truth'. Chugging riffs, plenty of hooks, and bluesy vocals abound in this classy release.

222 All Hope is Gone - Slipknot

Builds upon the excellent 'Subliminal Verses', this one demonstrates their intelligence and skill. Many prefer their first two albums, but it's the latter two that are superior in my 'always right' opinion.

It's a good album but its not thrash

223 Melissa - Mercyful Fate

More influenced by the NWOBHM than thrash, Mercyful Fate were often thrown in among the thrash heap for their heaviness and Satanic imagery. A classic either way.

224 Don't Break the Oath - Mercyful Fate

Hey, who suggested that this was thrash? Oh, it was me. You've been subjected to almost my entire catalogue. Is it thrash? I don't even know what that word means anymore, but this is a classic. Cheers!

225 S&M - Metallica

An interesting release from the once mighty greats, both on cd and dvd, this orchestral collaboration throws in 2-discs of a pretty solid song selection, but the highlights are 2 new tracks, with.'No Leaf Clover' being the standout. Not all of it works, but most of it does - particularly the extra dynamics on 'Call of Cthulhu'. Probably Hetfield's last decent recorded vocal outing before he started talking us to death.

226 Low - Testament

Regarded as a pretty depressing album, this one is actually a high calibre thrash record which had Obituary's James Murphy on guitar duties, and the results are good. My memory is a bit rusty, but 'PC' and the manga-based instrumental 'Urotsukidoshi' were standouts, along with a classy ballad thrown in there as well. I can't think if many mediocre releases from Testament.

227 Abigail - King Diamond

A theatrical concept album from the prince of darkness' solo effort is regarded as a progressive metal classic, thanks largely to the great guitar work from the mighty Andy La Roche.

228 Reinventing the Steel - Pantera

I think this was their last studio album, and although they were running low on petrol tickets at this stage of their career, it still has its moments.

229 Fabulous Disaster - Exodus

This, in my opinion, was Exodus' best line-up, and the album is a little patchy, but there's some killer tracks on here that make it essential, like 'Fabulous Disaster', 'Toxic Waltz' etc.

230 The American Way - Sacred Reich

A big step away from 'Ignorance', this album has no weaknesses, and still has their personal and political stances on display. This album is worth owning just for the epic track 'Crimes Against Humanity'. All killer, no filler.

231 The Roots of Sepultura - Sepultura

A 2-disc set of rarities, b-sides, covers, plus some live stuff from their best mid 90's line-up. It's an essential purchase for hardcore fans, with the highlight being the Dead Kennedys cover 'Drug Me'. It's a bit of a hollow release, but if you love Max and co. Chase it down.

232 Probot - Probot

Nirvana's Dave Grohl drags Cavalera, Cronos, King Diamond, Tom G Warrior and co. From their crypts and belts out a pretty faithful bunch of new tracks from some of the best.

233 Archangel - Soulfly

I think it's awful, but it comes with a bonus live dvd, and just because I think it sucks I want someone to tell me why I haven't wasted my money.

234 Haunting the Chapel - Slayer

Because it's early Slayer, and Chemical Warfare kills it (king of puns).

235 Cold Winds On Timeless Days - Charred Walls of the Damned

Not as heavy as their debut, but this is a classy metal album from the Tim Owen's-led supergroup.

236 Decade of Aggression - Slayer

A double- album from Slayer's finest decade? Damn straight! One of the best live albums you can buy, along with Destruction's early live album.

237 Disarm the Descent - Killswitch Engage

Jesse Leech is back, and I bet their fans are thanking God for that, because he always was their best vocalist. Not to mention that this album is full of blast beats and riffs and melodic as Hell m/ It also contains an interesting documentary on the bonus disc.

238 Torn - Evergrey

Not their best, but even running at 75%, they destroy most progressive metal bands. Not to mention that the opening track is a killer.

239 Live Without Sense - Destruction

Excellent live album spanning material up to and including 'Release From Agony'.

240 State of Euphoria - Anthrax

This was where I was losing a bit of interest in Anthrax, but it's solid.

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