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21 Horrorscope - Overkill

Very excellent, but overshadowed by Years of Decay.

Getting rid of Gustafson and replacing him with two new guitarists could have spelt disaster, but it didn't - just.

Many regard this as their best, and it's easy to see why. From the album opener 'Coma' to the closer 'Solitude', it is as solid as a rock, and it's all killer material. Highlights for me are 'New Machine', 'Horrorscope' and 'thanks For Nothing'. It's all good, though.

22 Darkness Descends - Dark Angel

Wow! Why is this all the way down here. The list should go 1. rust in piece 2. reign in blood, and then this for number 3. This has all the fast riffs and great drumming of reign in blood and only falls sort from it by a little bit. Its a disgrace seeing this album all the way down here.

The embodiment of thrash metal. Fast, aggressive, and absolutely unrelenting. The most perfect vocal performance in thrash metal, some of the most intense drumming, and seriously chaotic guitar playing.

Proud owner of this beast on vinyl, and I don't know why they got rid of the vocalist on this one, because he was insane. The lyrics were damn good too. Dark Angel could have been anything...

Have you ever heard such OP drums in a mix before. And that is Hoglan when he was young. Listen to how he plays now. He's as good as Lombardo himself.

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23 Enemy of God - Kreator

The true nature of Petrozza and Ventor exposed in one of the best records, no one can deny the aggressiveness mix down with the high levels of technical level developed in so few songs. A most be in any gadget of all thrashers...

Bitter album and pearl, loved album

24 Agent Orange - Sodom

Sodom in a purple-patch of their career. They improved immensely, musically speaking, with their brand of thrash. That said, 'Sepulchral Voice' is still a classic.

This album is so much better the the first 10 on this list.
It's a classic the lyrics are amazing and every song is good.

Definitely one of the best on this list. I don't know why it is so behind.

Classic thrash masterpiece along with persecution mania

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25 Mental Vortex - Coroner

Fantastic album. My first Coroner album. I've been hooked since.

26 Coma Of Souls - Kreator

Should be in the top 3 in my opinion.


Best album

27 Ultra Violence - Death Angel

What a debut! 'Mistress of Pain', 'The Ultraviolence', you name it. Classic!

Wasn't the drummer 16 on this one? Weren't they all under 18? If I'm correct, this album is stark bonkers. I was learning 'Stairway to Heaven' on my crappy SG copy and these guys come up with this? Talk about eating some humble pie.

28 The Legacy - Testament

Burnt Offerings, Raging Waters, Over the Wall, First Strike is Deadly, The Haunting, and Alone in the Dark. This album is a thrash metal MASTERPIECE!

I think this is so low because Testament fans see The New Order at #10 and just vote for it to try to get it up higher. They're both great.

One of the greatest thrash metal albums in history.

In my top three - MetalEncyclopedia

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29 Show No Mercy - Slayer

The atmosphere on Slayer's first 5 albums was remarkable. I can play any of their first 5 to a Slayer fan who only owns 'God Hates Us All' and they sit there, dumbfounded, by what Slayer could do. I ignore anything after 'Seasons in the Abyss', because I already own and have heard Slayer at their very best.

This album is absolutely AMAZING! - victor.paul.1420

For me this is the best thrash metal album.. Slayer is not like other thrash metal bands, they are mysterious, their lyrics has hidden messages, the artwork of their album covers are amazing! Their lyrics is agressive.. some people can't understand the meaning.. Not every Slayer song is nazi or satanic.. Their general idea is self-destruction and misanthropy..

Yes, I love this album. As a debut, it surpasses 'Kill 'em All' - especially with tracks like 'Crionics', 'Black Magic' etc. They're not the one-dimensional band many think they are.

30 Hell Awaits - Slayer

Why in the name of the gods this jewel of thrash is here? there is no more brutal and original record in the 80's than this

Yes, it is underrated, but that's because it's Slayer's least commercial album. This album is the closest you'll come to burning in hell. The bass is too high in the mix, the production is murky, but it all exudes evil at its finest. 'Kill Again? ' 'Hardening of the Arteries? ' Nasty stuff!

First, it's by far their heaviest album. Second, the track list is incredible. Third, it makes Reign In Blood sound tame. It is one of the bleakest, brutal albums I have ever heard.

The intro... in the early 80's there anything more diabolical than this!
Necrophiliac it's the base for Reign in blood, South of heaven even Seasons in the abyss and finish with Hardening the arteries, name another record so brutal in the history...

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31 To Mega Therion - Celtic Frost

Circle of the tyrants is just a metal classic

H.R Giger artwork alone is worth paying for. 'Dethroned Emperor'.

32 South of Heaven - Slayer

Funny how all the Slayer fans go stark bonkers over how thrash must be intense, aggressive, and an all-out assault on the senses after 'Reign in Blood' launched, but they're pretty hush hush over this magnificent, progressive, and technical masterpiece. This album IS a thrash album, Slayer fans, and it IS their best album by far. It demands your ear, and rewards you for it.

I can't believe this at number 30! This is my third favorite thrash album.

This is my favourite Slayer album. People forget how progressive their first 5 albums are. But tracks like the title track, 'Silent Scream', 'Mandatory Suicide' etc. Show how technical these guys could be.

Easily the BEST Slayer album, and one of the most unique, sophisticated & expansive Thrash albums of all time!

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33 From This Day Forward - Obliveon

Perhaps the best tech-thrash album ever made. Hail Canada!

34 Tortured Existence - Demolition Hammer
35 Thrash Zone - D.R.I.

I listened to this. I was very underwhelmed.

36 Spreading the Disease - Anthrax

I didn't forget it. Anthrax's finest, no doubt. Along with Flotsam and Jetsam's 'No Place for Disgrace', this is as good as speed metal gets.

Wow can't believe people didn't think of this one.

Great album. Overshadowed by AtL for sure.

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37 Ignorance - Sacred Reich

Good choice, from the vault. It has a real hardcore/metal crossover feel, a ton of political swipes, and some explosive solos. It doesn't have the firepower to compete with the best of the best, but it's good, as was 'The American Way'.

Now inside the top ten Thrash albums in history.

38 Never, Neverland - Annihilator

If you haven't checked out their most recent 3 albums, you may just change your mind on that one...

Best album of the best band ever!

39 Fistful of Metal - Anthrax

Very far from their best in my opinion.

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40 Torment In Fire - Sacrifice

Come on guys! this must be between Hell Awaits and Pleasure to Kill, I never heard a sound so clean with the intention of HellHammer!

I must agree with all the comments below... This 1984 record must claim the true sound of thrash metal to the world!

The finest thrash sound of all time and is in 196? Turn in your grave... the song is a sample of the brutal sound, technical level of each one of this virtuous musicians, you can't say you love thrash if Sacrifice it's not like a god...

At last! Seems true thrashers are voting with a sense of justice, this brutal and amazing record will need to be in the top ten... That someone put here Forward to termination there are equally earbleeding!

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