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41 To Mega Therion - Celtic Frost

Circle of the tyrants is just a metal classic

H.R Giger artwork alone is worth paying for. 'Dethroned Emperor'.

42 Never, Neverland - Annihilator

If you haven't checked out their most recent 3 albums, you may just change your mind on that one...

Best album of the best band ever!

43 Fistful of Metal - Anthrax

Very far from their best in my opinion.

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44 Skull - Evile

Skull is the album of 2013 in my opinion. It blew away the new releases from Death Angel, Havok, Megadeth, and Warbringer. This album had almost no promotion, no music videos, and not even the necessary tour following its release; yet I regard this as perhaps the greatest modern thrash album and is in my top 10 albums of all time. Keep making great music, Evile.

They did get signed to Nuclear Blast on this one, if I recall, so hopefully the marketing side of things becomes better for this talented band. I WANT THIS BAND TO DISMANTLE MASTER OF PUPPETS! They won't, because no-one can or will, but I want someone to die trying. 30-years on and still no-one has mastered the master.

Best metal album of 2013. Not the best thrash album ever, but definitely good enough to be in the top 20.

My bad. They're with Earache, but they don't give you one. Step by step they're selling and delivering. Now, the next album must be damn epic or they'll just be another middle of the road band. They have the skill, but do they have what it takes to be great? Over to you, Evile...

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45 Countdown to Extinction - Megadeth

Sabbath! Grow up. Megadeth and Metallica and Exodus invented thrash, so stop being so Paranoid, and stop behaving like Children From The Grave, because you are Snowblind, after smoking too much Sweet Leaf to know what thrash METAL is and what isn't.

This album should be far higher in the list, though I don't really care about popularity contests. This was Mustaine at his most intelligent, coherent, and apart from Peace a belter of a record. It has conscience to burn, and every song is balls out metal - without any covers or gimmicks. 9/10.

Symphony Of Destruction, Foreclosure of a dream, Skin o' my teeth and Sweating Bullets are the best

This isn't a thrash album - Sabbath

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46 Infernal Overkill - Destruction

Aside from the low budget production. This record has a quality different from their other records. The guitars are intricate and incisive, and the whole album has a sinister atmosphere all of its own. Standout tracks are The Ritual and the brilliant Bestial Invasion.

Mike delivers one of the best rhythm and lead displays the mid 80's had to offer. Production aside, Destruction's finest.

I lived 'Bestial Invasion', 'Death Trap', and co. Destruction were the business.

47 Divine Intervention - Slayer

I bought this one out of curiosity the other day, as I'm a lapsed Slayer fan and haven't purchased anything of theirs since Seasons In The Abyss. Guess what? It's boring.

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48 Act 3 - Death Angel

Yes, the album that should have sent this mob into the stratosphere, not little clubs. Yes, disaster struck, but this album is timeless.

Ok, it smacks you in the face with 'Seemingly Endless Time', 'Stop', then introduces one of the greatest ballads of metal history in 'Veil of Deception' and I could go on to 'Disturbing The Peace' etc. But this entire album is Death Angel at their most creative and talented time in their career, and to not have a 'Death Angel: Live at Wembley' dvd is a shame. They could have ruled the world back in the day. 9/10.

49 Christ Illusion - Slayer
50 Something Wicked This Way Comes - Iced Earth

Man, there's so much good stuff on this thread. Is Jon's palm muting even human? Where's 'Horror Show? '

I'd put this excellent album 2nd, behind 'Horror Show'. Those two are their best, in my not so humble opinion.

51 Feel The Fire - Overkill V 1 Comment
52 Evil Invaders - Razor

Masterpiece best riffs ever...Malicious intent and violent restitution are awesome too

My first Razor album. I was blown away.

Brilliant album from the Cannucks. Stand out tracks are the title track and cut throat. Stacy Maclaren singing is on form on this album. The only minus is the sound of the snare drum which is a bit flat, but other than that a great record.

53 Spectrum of Death - Morbid Saint

Classic, if you love thrash and never heard Spectrum of Death, do yourself a favor!

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54 Time is Up - Havok V 2 Comments
55 The Blackening - Machine Head

They toured extensively with Metallica during this release, and I think it shows on this riff-fest of an album. 9/10.

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56 Persecution Mania - Sodom

Yes, another great release. From 'Sepulchral Voice' to this release is quite an achievement.

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57 Doomsday for the Deceiver - Flotsam and Jetsam

Yes, at last someone knows speed from thrash. It's not as good as their sophomore effort, but there's some great stuff on here. AK killing it, again.

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58 Survive - Nuclear Assault

Why is this masterpiece so low? - DejanKalinic

59 Phantom Antichrist - Kreator

This album, much like Testament's 'Formation of Damnation' brings Kreator into the 21st century, and the solos and songs are outstanding.

And if you own the 'Deluxe', it contains a killer Wacken show dvd with a fair amount of 'Hordes of Chaos' on it. The addition of a classically-trained lead was just another improvement on an already excellent band.

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60 Eternal Devastation - Destruction

Top-shelf album, and the trebly production is an improvement over its predecessor. Tracks like 'United by Hatred' and 'Life without Sense' rule. I must put this disc back in the tray. Mike is a beast.

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