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41 Something Wicked This Way Comes - Iced Earth

Man, there's so much good stuff on this thread. Is Jon's palm muting even human? Where's 'Horror Show? '

I'd put this excellent album 2nd, behind 'Horror Show'. Those two are their best, in my not so humble opinion.

42 Evil Invaders - Razor

Masterpiece best riffs ever...Malicious intent and violent restitution are awesome too

My first Razor album. I was blown away.

Brilliant album from the Cannucks. Stand out tracks are the title track and cut throat. Stacy Maclaren singing is on form on this album. The only minus is the sound of the snare drum which is a bit flat, but other than that a great record.

43 Spectrum of Death - Morbid Saint

Classic, if you love thrash and never heard Spectrum of Death, do yourself a favor!

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44 Feel The Fire - Overkill V 1 Comment
45 Persecution Mania - Sodom

Yes, another great release. From 'Sepulchral Voice' to this release is quite an achievement.

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46 Doomsday for the Deceiver - Flotsam and Jetsam

Yes, at last someone knows speed from thrash. It's not as good as their sophomore effort, but there's some great stuff on here. AK killing it, again.

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47 Survive - Nuclear Assault

Why is this masterpiece so low? - DejanKalinic

48 The System Has Failed - Megadeth

This is a true return of Megadeth. It contains great solos ("Kick The Chair" for an example), great riffs ("The Scorpion" is good example) and awesome energy ("Back In The Day" is just great).

By the time Metallica are thru destroying their immense legacy, and by the time Megadeth are finished building there's, there will be very little to divide the two. I'd take Metallica's first 5 over Megadeth's any day of the week, but I'd take Megadeth's more recent releases over Metallica's any day of the week.

You sort of sense that Mustaine knows that Metallica have been struggling for decades, and the great, though eccentric, man knows that now is his time. Hey, music is his pride and passion, so why wouldn't he strike while the iron's hot?

49 Eternal Devastation - Destruction

Top-shelf album, and the trebly production is an improvement over its predecessor. Tracks like 'United by Hatred' and 'Life without Sense' rule. I must put this disc back in the tray. Mike is a beast.

50 Chaos A.D - Sepultura

How on Earth can this monster be at 180?

Apologies if this is already here, but if not, why the hell not? This album is epic.

Ah, good one! Thanks for putting this one up. It's obviously a classic. Cheers!

Inside the top ten Thrash metal albums of all time.

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51 Time is Up - Havok V 2 Comments
52 The Blackening - Machine Head

They toured extensively with Metallica during this release, and I think it shows on this riff-fest of an album. 9/10.

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53 Phantom Antichrist - Kreator

This album, much like Testament's 'Formation of Damnation' brings Kreator into the 21st century, and the solos and songs are outstanding.

And if you own the 'Deluxe', it contains a killer Wacken show dvd with a fair amount of 'Hordes of Chaos' on it. The addition of a classically-trained lead was just another improvement on an already excellent band.

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54 Killing Is My Business... - Megadeth

Perhaps their best, but the production is dreadful. Re-record please.

This and Peace...megadeth s best albums...Gar was a beast...fantastic drummer and Poland by far the best guitarist they ever had

I bought this one because of 'Looking Down The Cross', 'Rattlehead', and 'Mechanix'. Mustaine had a bee in his bonnet, and it shows on this one. It deserves a remake, due to the dreadful production, but that'll never happen due to 'Looking Down The Cross's'' religious subject matter. No matter, take it or leave it.

How is this not in the top 20?

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55 Night of the Stormrider - Iced Earth
56 So Far, So Good... So What! - Megadeth

This didn't even make the top 100? Mary Jane, Hook in Mouth, Set the World Afire, In My Darkest Hour. This album is seriously underrated. Not Megadeth's best work, but it is definitely a high quality album.

Isn't the cover of Anarchy In The UK on this one? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I hate covers on thrash albums. That's not to say this isn't a fine record, because it is, but do what Metallica do with their covers - throw 'em on a different disc, don't flesh out one of your best albums with then.

I agree. It's a top album. I think the production plays a part in its downgrading, but it doesn't bother me. 8/10

57 Dystopia - Megadeth V 1 Comment
58 Brotherhood of the Snake - Testament
59 Punishment for Decadence - Coroner
60 By Inheritance - Artillery

This should be bumped up higher, because it goes toe-to-toe with 'And Justice For All...' and is on every single top 100 thrash list you can find. These guys are technical maestros.

This classic is so damn expensive and great that I have 24-hour round the clock security surveillance in it at a bank vault.

Worth the $70-$360 you have to pay for it on disc. Even at Metal Mind's 2,000 copy limited release, you'll get your money's worth. Bang your head for buck, big time.

Flying the Danish thrash flag I bought this one on cassette and never regretted it top 10 and I paid $10 for it

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