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81 Seven Churches - Possessed

Everyone says how great Death were - and if you like Death, they were great - but this mob are the culprits behind it all. Probably the most Satanic album ever made, and I used to pray after listening to it, even though I'm an atheist. Evil death/thrash metal.

Yes, my mate rehearsed every evil lyric on this beast. Decide or Morbid Angel could only match its evil.

I lived the launch of this this record... and in 2016 sound equally priceless!

First deaht metal album. But possessed is thrash band

82 World Painted Blood - Slayer

Slayer original lineup exploring an evolution... and then give us a very fine record, take sense guys! the thrash metal is not commercial, all is about a taste of raw and chaotic sounds and Slayer always give us that!

83 Five Serpent's Teeth - Evile

This was my first Evile record, and I was guilty of judging them before I heard them, like many others, but when you listen to this particular disc, it is not the derivative Metallica clone that everyone thought. It is heavily Metallica influenced thrash, but so were many others.

Don't tell anyone that you think this band are pretty good at what they do, otherwise you'll get rocks for Christmas.

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84 Burn My Eyes - Machine Head

It is a heavy and punishing album, no doubt, but I like the palm-muting Rob Flynn produced on 'The Blackening' and Vio-Lence albums. There's still a fair bit if it on here, and 'Davidian' is monstrous, but I miss the frenetic tempo changes of his other stuff. Each to their own...

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85 The Art of Partying - Municipal Waste
86 Hazardous Mutation - Municipal Waste
87 Terrible Certainty - Kreator

Actually, probably my favourite Kreator album. Blind Faith, Storming With Menace, Toxic Trace, One of Us - it's all great. My edition has a track called Lambs To Slaughter, Impossible To Cure, Awakening of the Gods (beast), so although it's a little on the trebly side, this was the album that demonstrated how good Petrozza was as a rhythm guitarist and how good Ventor was behind the kit. Leaps and bounds ahead of Pleasure to Kill as far as musicianship goes.9/10.

I found this one to be a lot more polished than their first two, and 'Behind the Mirror' is a beast. I think this was the last to feature Ventor on vocals, which was a good move.

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88 Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold

Okay, this is NOT Thrash Metal /)_- idiots

It's a great album but not really thrash - Sabbath

The host says it's thrash.

89 Killing Technology - Voivod

Definitely the second best Thrash album (after Master of Puppets of course). It combines the rawness of their earlier work with the psychedelia of their future work. Definite classic.

It's up there with Puppets? I'll have to check it out.

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90 Reason - Anacrusis

An undiscovered classic this one. More technical than their previous work. It has changes in tempos and moods. Going from tranquil soft melodic vocals and mellow guitar before going full hog into totally frenzied slayeresque thrash. It should have been a bigger seller than it should have been. I compare Ken Nardi's vocal range to Burton C Bells.

Yes, I heard of them way back in the day, but I think I purchased a Zoetrope album instead. I shall check them out.

91 Practice What You Preach - Testament

Yeah, it's pretty good. And recorded live in the studio too. Not their best, but not their worst.

The title says it all. How many of the great 80's thrash bands are practicing what they preach today? Testament never strayed far from what they did, bar a dabbling in Death metal on 'Demonic', and they outlived most.

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92 Hordes of Chaos - Kreator

Yes, the precursor to the mighty 'Phantom Antichrist'. Top quality Kreator - again.

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93 Malleus Maleficarum - Pestilence

Simple song structures and riffs that blasted the listener to death.

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94 Twisted Into Form - Forbidden

Probably one of the Bay Area's most underrated bands, but they were more than happy releasing inspired album after inspired album, with this perhaps being their finest. Just as good as Testament, Exodus and co.

95 Mr. Bungle - Mr. Bungle

If this album's not thrash, what is it? I know Zappa did similar stuff, but even that's not like Mr Bungle. They are heavy, funky, deranged, and whatever else, but what on this sick planet is this bloody record? On Disco Volante, Spruance goes Slayer on us at times, so is that thrash? I've just given myself a headache.

No, it's not thrash. But somehow it's here, and deservedly so, because it's a beast that any metal fan should own. Hey, I got lucky...

A deranged metal album that deserves a spot in any metal fans collection. Is it thrash? Over to you...

This album is not thrash, but if you don't own it then you're not a thrash fan.

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96 The Gathering - Testament

I believe Lombardo and Murphy played on this beast, and the opening track 'DNR' is a thrash monster that you will play so often that you won't even bother with the rest of the album until 2-months after you've bought it.

The lineup on this album is incredible. This is their best album - Sabbath

97 Persistence of Time - Anthrax V 2 Comments
98 St. Anger - Metallica

Regarded as one of the worst metal albums ever made, but once you get past how abhorrent the production is, and how out of form they were, it is still a heavy record.

This record shall be erased from here and the net, the history, or any record in mankind...

Hey, I put it up here just to stir you. I wouldn't buy this crap if you payed me. Suckers!

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99 Welcome to Hell - Venom

Why is the first Thrash Metal album so low on this list? - christangrant

100 Conclusion of an Age by Sylosis
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