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101 Persistence of Time - Anthrax V 2 Comments
102 Blood In, Blood Out - Exodus

It's no 'Tempo of the Damned' but I change my mind more than a woman. Apologies, women, but you do own too many pairs of shoes.

Zetro's back! Need I say more?

103 Welcome to Hell - Venom

Why is the first Thrash Metal album so low on this list? - christangrant

104 Conclusion of an Age by Sylosis
105 Outcast - Kreator
106 Raging Violence - Hirax
107 Conformicide - Havok
108 Taking Over - Overkill
109 R.I.P. - Coroner

One of the most influential bands in thrash, and, like At The Gates, are often sourced by many bands as the best ever in the underground movement. I'd comment on the album, but this thread has already cost me hundreds of dollars in imports on eBay.

110 Death Magnetic - Metallica

How many 14-year-old's post here? I sort of wish I was young again, so this turd rolled in glitter was my favourite Metallica album, and then go thru their back catalogue and discover how immense their first 5 releases were, and regret ever having bought this album in the first-place.

All you can say about Death Magnetic, if you're an old school fan, is that they tried but failed. It's not terrible like St. Anger, but this album is certifiable proof, for those who had hope, that the magic has long gone and the coffin on the cover is appropriate for band and fans alike.

My favorite underrated album shouldn't be at 26.

Come on guys. Are you busting my balls?

V 3 Comments
111 Metallica - Metallica

'Enter Sandman', 'Sad but True', 'Wherever I May Roam', 'Don't Tread On Me', 'The Unforgiven', 'Nothing Else Matters', 'Of Wolf And Man', 'The God That Failed' 'Misery Loves Company' and 'The Struggle Within' are what's awaiting the listener. I almost listed the entire album, and should have, but I want to listen to it now. People think they sold-out on this one, but they just don't have quality stereos and volume buttons. Epic album!

Way too low on the list. It is probably the most accessible thrash album ever made, and it doesn't compromise in any way. Everyone thinks Hetfield as a drunken boor, but he was, in his time, thrash's greatest poet and rhythm guitarist. Sit down with his lyric sheet and you'll know what I'm on about. On 'Sanitarium' he critiques Psychiatry with the marvellous line, 'They see it right, they see it well, but they think that saves us from our hell'. Profound, no?

Yeah, why not? Finally, the production they deserved. Plus Hetfield's lyrics ( bar the albums opener), are poetic and delivered with fury and venom. This is actually one of my favourites, despite what was inevitably to come after it.

112 Vulgar Display of Power - Pantera

This was Cowboys meets Henry Rollins, and apart from one dud track, is a thrash classic. The opening riff is Dimebag's tribute to the videogame Doom, then it pulverises you with Walk, F****** Hostile, This Love, Regular People, By Demons Be Driven, and contains one of the greatest ballads in metal, Hollow. If you own the bonus track Piss, fine, but even without it this album, along with Chaos AD, was thrash metal's middle finger to Cobain and nu-metal. 10/10.

Fear Factory use pro-tools for their tightness, whereas these guys used pro-skills to sound so tight on this one. Probably the tightest band in metal.

Pantera at their tightest, most furious, and venomous. It is so unremitting in its delivery that the title says it all.

Also, don't think 'Cowboys From Hell' was their debut, either. This mob were a glam/power metal act in the late 80's. The silence is deafening.

V 2 Comments
113 Into the Mirror Black - Sanctuary
114 Time Does Not Heal - Dark Angel

If only these guys stuck around for one more album, they may have created one of the greats. That's not to diminish what they achieved, but this one showed a lot of progress and promised that their best was just around the corner. Oh, well. It never came to be...

How many monstrous riffs can a band start their songs with? Apparently all of them, judging by this beast.

115 Roots - Sepultura

Not my favourite Sepultura, due to the nu-metal influence, but it deserves its spot on here because of its great line-up and a handful of classics.

A true classic and a gem, the song "Roots Bloody Roots" is a timeless classic known by millions.

116 Soldiers of Misfortune - Sacrifice

I'm a proud owner of all the discography of this canadian legend and very disappointed of the forgotten place that Sacrifice have in the knowledge of fans, this record is a priceless journey!

Sacrifice were underrated, but not by me.

How is this possible? not even one record in the top 20's? this is outrage! there is no more finest and quality TRUE thrash than the Torment in fire, Forward to termination, Soldiers of misfortune, Apocalypse inside and The ones I condemn. Each one of this records are brutal and awesome! Any of those are rival for any in the top 10!

V 2 Comments
117 Storm Alert - Torture
118 The Music of Erich Zann - Mekong Delta
119 Undisputed Attitude - Slayer
120 God Hates Us All - Slayer

Yes, he does. And if I get to listen to Slayer for an eternity whilst being occasionally pitch forked by some horned freak and overheated after I die, then I'm pretty well prepared, because that's what a Slayer concert is anyway.

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