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121 Shogun - Trivium

Maligned, just like any band who is influenced by Bay Area thrash. I don't understand it because they still have their own style, draw from an array of influences, and on this one it is Metallica meets Killswitch Engage meets Trivium. I encourage bands who draw from the best, not the worst, otherwise we'd hear nothing but Korn and Limp Bizkit.

My favourite Trivium album. A concept album that does not remit. There's not enough adjectives to describe this epic.

122 Endless Pain - Kreator

Yes, the first Kreator album I bought, and it was a good one.

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123 Chemical Exposure - Sadus

My goodness, what an album. Equal parts 'Reign In Blood' and 'Pleasure to Kill'. Music to...sheesh?...cut your leg off with a butter knife. ) Brutal thrash album.

124 Crossover - D.R.I.

Excellent band who still maintained their punk politics but moving with the times as well. Much respected band.

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125 Four of a Kind - D.R.I. V 1 Comment
126 Speak English or Die! - S.O.D.

Hey, 'Reign in Blood' fans, how do you feel about this beast?

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127 Game Over - Nuclear Assault
128 Through the Ashes of Empires - Machine Head

Imperium is epic, and despite some uncomfortable nu-metal elements, it's a pretty good record.

129 The More Things Change... - Machine Head
130 Living Sacrifice - Living Sacrifice V 1 Comment
131 Carnivore - Carnivore
132 Better Off Dead - Sodom

Not the most popular release by this band, but my 2nd favourite after Agent Orange. Deserves a spot on the list.

133 The Crusade - Trivium

A bit of an identity crisis here, but you can't deny their talent. Just part of their evolution to excellence. 7/10 album for me.

134 Slaughter In the Vatican - Exhorder

It is claimed that Pantera stole their sound, but why wouldn't you? Their style of brutal thrash is definitely worth a listen.

Very brutal and aggressive twin-guitars shredding fast riffs along to Kyle Thomas's furious and loud-yelling in-ya'-face-vocal. Another musically highlight on this album, must be the sick & brilliant drumming by the jazz-inspired drummer,Chris Nail, which makes this album a complete thrashfest/blast listening to it.
Verdict? -Pure aggressive awesomeness with some extra brutal hot sauce on it!
Best tracks: "Desecrator", "Death in vain", "Homicide", Exhorder"

135 Stop the Bleeding - Tourniquet

The track 'Every Tried A Tampon? ' rules.

136 Executioner - Mantic Ritual
137 City of Evil - Avenged Sevenfold
138 Victims of Deception - Heathen

Yes, fantastic Bay Area thrash. The vocals can be polarising, but I haven't heard riffs like this since Artillery.

How come is this masterpiece so low?

It easily kicks any Metallica album. I mean easily! Just listen to morbid curiosity and first two tracks: Monsters of thrash! Masters of puppets in the second place? Snoozfest comparing to this one!

Speaking of throwing covers on great albums...

139 Scream Aim Fire - Bullet for My Valentine

I habitually buy everything they own because I know that I'm getting a high-quality album, no matter what. I also buy everything of Trivium because you have no idea what you'll get. Bullet For My Valentine are what Trivium could be, if they had the confidence of Bullet For My Valentine.

A guilty pleasure. I should know better, but I love all their stuff.

140 Reload - Metallica

The Greatest Trash Album of all time! Oops! I didn't mean Trash, I meant Trash. Damn it. One of the letters on my keyboard is stuffed.

This album is so poor that it makes Load sound like Puppets. It's their Steal This Album, except you have to pay top dollar for this Reload of Crap.

Damn you! Remove this aberration!

Is this that piece of crap that has 'Mama Said' on it? If I ever hear that song again I'm going to gouge out my own eyeballs with a spoon.

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