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121 Monolith - Sylosis

Do not buy this album unless you enjoy being schooled by some of the most talented and aggressive thrashers going round. The vocals will rip your head off, the intricate chugging riffs will make you want to give up playing guitar ever again, as will the explosive leads and tempo changes, and the pulverising bass and drum work. It gets worse, too, because their following album 'Dormant Heart' is even better.

Just bought this one recently, so I'm still undecided how it compares to 'Dormant Heart'. They sound similar with their technical chugga and styles, so, so far, so good, so what?

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122 Edge of the Earth - Sylosis

Lol! This album will either go straight over people's heads because of its progressive technicality, and the sheer amount of crazy stuff going on. Like any excellent album, it requires effort upon the listeners part. If you're into Limp Bizkit, shuffle off. If you're into brutal technical thrash, name one band on the planet doing it better than these youngsters.

This album is just riff after riff after riff. The production is a minor detrimental factor, but this is brutal, frenetic, and urgent thrash metal dragged from 30 years ago and brought into the 21st century. If you! re seeking a quick, easy fix, go listen to Limp Bizkit. But if you're not a moron and are into a demanding 70-minute progressive thrash album, here it is.

Ah, I have this on import, so have yet to hear it. Apparently it's their best so my expectations are high.

123 Unto the Locust - Machine Head

It's not 'The Blackening' but it's ok. A bit of a hit-and-miss band for me.

124 The Call - Angelus Apatrida
125 Clockwork - Angelus Apatrida
126 Waste 'em All - Municipal Waste
127 Bloodbath - Suicidal Angels

Just give it a listen! Amazing riffs, nice solos, some really interesting intros out there. Briefly, great greek thrash metal album

I shall give it a listen. One of the few bands I've not heard on here.

Great album from my hommies...Thrash from Greece boys and girls

128 In This Life - Mordred

My goodness! Someone else other than me owns this? It's not thrash, but it was rap/metal crossover well before Anthrax got there.

129 Shogun - Trivium

Maligned, just like any band who is influenced by Bay Area thrash. I don't understand it because they still have their own style, draw from an array of influences, and on this one it is Metallica meets Killswitch Engage meets Trivium. I encourage bands who draw from the best, not the worst, otherwise we'd hear nothing but Korn and Limp Bizkit.

My favourite Trivium album. A concept album that does not remit. There's not enough adjectives to describe this epic.

130 Endless Pain - Kreator

Yes, the first Kreator album I bought, and it was a good one.

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131 Wrath - Lamb of God

You can have them.

132 Dark Roots of Thrash - Testament

Bay Area Thrash from one of the greats. Is anyone doing 80's thrash in the modern day better than these guys? The addition of Hoglan was a great one, whilst Skolnik and Pieterson still deliver big time.

133 Chemical Exposure - Sadus

My goodness, what an album. Equal parts 'Reign In Blood' and 'Pleasure to Kill'. Music to...sheesh?...cut your leg off with a butter knife. ) Brutal thrash album.

134 Crossover - D.R.I.

Excellent band who still maintained their punk politics but moving with the times as well. Much respected band.

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135 Four of a Kind - D.R.I. V 1 Comment
136 Speak English or Die! - S.O.D.

Hey, 'Reign in Blood' fans, how do you feel about this beast?

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137 Game Over - Nuclear Assault
138 Through the Ashes of Empires - Machine Head

Imperium is epic, and despite some uncomfortable nu-metal elements, it's a pretty good record.

139 The More Things Change... - Machine Head
140 Living Sacrifice - Living Sacrifice V 1 Comment
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