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1 One-X

This is by far the best album that they had. Adam wrote most of these songs while he was in rehab. They really come from the soul and have a lot of meaning behind them. - vinny402

There is not one song on this album that I didn't like!

This is a true masterpiece.

If you didn't heard about this album you didn't heard the real three days grace

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2 Three Days Grace

It has such a raw feeling I guess to put it. It feels like real music and I love it.

The most atmospheric, classic debut. - EvilAngel

Debut album is much more raw and emotional. The feels were so much more real.

One X has more hits, you can’t take that away from it. But I just feel like this album has the most good songs: Just Like You, Home, Scared, Drown, Overrated, and a little number called I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! Yeah, this album is the heaviest and the best

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3 Life Starts Now

I think the album artwork symbolizes that all of your childhood memories are gone. the past is done (and for good reason). it's time to move on with your life because life starts now. life's too short so live every moment you can of it. dispose of those horrible, painful memories you had as a child because do you really want to live with bad memories for the rest of your life? You're starting to grow up but when you do, never lose your spirit as a kid. I'm not saying to act like a kid, but still be an adult while not losing that fun, free spirit you had as a kid. stay young, wild, and free.

One-X may have better singles, but musically, Life Starts Now is by far their best work - bkweigel

Bitter taste, good life, can't get enough of those and this is by far my favorite album

In my opinion the front cover art of this album symbolizes people fighting against fear and mind torture. television, the internet, everything in the media can connect to really disturbing and depressing stuff so these two guys are smashing all of their electronics to not let those imaginary demons follow them everywhere they go on T.V. or the internet.

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4 Human

Shut up dumbass its amazing
Just as good as life starts now

Its amazing man 3DG rocks..

Human race is just kickass!

Much much better than Transit of Venus.
Please mates stop holding on Adam's dick.

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5 Transit of Venus

Most varied album and expands into new territory. Unbreakable Heart could be their best song.

Transit Of Venus is better than Life Starts Now...

This album is worse then life starts now

Better than "human" so far

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6 Wave of Popular Feeling

This was back then when they were called Groundswell.

This is where it all started.

7 Outsider

Not their best work...but nice

Outsider not released yet

8 Live at the Palace
9 Promo EP
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