Best Tim Minchin Songs

The best songs by Tim Minchin, the genius of musical comedy.

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21 You Grew On Me

Beautiful song! Hilarious at the beginning but you soon realize that it is an extremely beautiful song! I actually consider it one of my favorite love songs of all time because of how honest and sad it is. I've cried at this song!

A song dedicated to "that creepy-uppy kind of love". If you watch it on YouTube, listen to the audience reaction. They laugh at first, then seem to realize how beautiful the song is.

This is the the most honest, true, and beautiful love song I've ever heard. The metaphor seems silly at first, but Tim sings it with utter sincerity. This song has brought me to tears.

26 is WAY too low for this song

22 Drowned
23 Some People Have It Worse Than Me
24 F Sharp

This is so daft I love! If I listen to it in the morning I can't stop singin it the rest of the day ^_^

25 Lullaby
26 Inflatable You

Come on! It's such a catchy romantic song! Great GREAT song!

27 The Fence

Simply the best musical and lyric work of Mr Minchin! The epic performance with the Heritache Orchesta it's one of the best musical moments of modern history... and the message it's just so bright and honest.

28 If You Open Your Mind Too Much, Your Brain Will Fall Out (Take My Wife)
29 The Guilt Song
30 Ten Foot C*** and a Few Hundred Virgins

Hysterical, catchy, musically impressive, and all around fantastic.

31 Come Home (Cardinal Pell)
32 Confessions
33 Understand It
34 Ready for This?

Opening song to Tim's best album (in my opinion

35 Feel Like Going Home

I know it's not technically his, it's a cover, but he does a amazing. His cover is by far the best version of this song ever recorded.

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