Best Times of Grace Songs

The Top Ten

1 Willing

This is a great soft song. Very memorable and powerful lyrics that really inspire you.

2 Strength in Numbers

Pretty good for a single, a very enjoyable guitar solo with good drumming.

3 Hope Remains

Awesome riff after chorus with outrageous solo together forever

Awesome chorus, awesome solo and insane double kick drumming.

4 Live In Love

Great screaming makes this song remind you of the days of Killswitch Engage.

This song is so good - Ananya

Adam of Killswitch would love these riffs

5 Where the Spirit Leads Me

A powerful song with very memorable lyrics.

6 The Hymn of a Broken Man

A catchy beat which is summed up perfectly by Adam D's vocals.

Great Screams and a Chorus that will blow your mind... It is simply one of the best Metal Chor songs I have ever heard in my Life

7 Fall From Grace

Perhaps the most powerful vocals on the album, a great way to finish off.

8 The Forgotten One

An excellent acoustic song with memorable lyrics the whole way through.

9 Until the End of Days
10 Fight for Life

If this chorus doesn't get stuck in your head for weeks on end, nothing will.

The Contenders

11 The End of Eternity

A nice slow song with brutal screaming. It shows you just how ruthless this band can be.

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