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1 3:00 PM

When I get off 4 school.. I'm going straighr 4 bed and going to FINISH my dream off, LMAO - SmoothCriminal

My second favorite time

I end school at 2:00 PM

2 12:00 PM

Oh, wait, I meant 120 AM... I meant that cause I knew I'd be sleeping. This, 120 PM, I think is my lunch time. Oops. My mistake.

The time we pray the Angelus... - ArigatoKawaii

3 12:00 AM

Being out at night is one of the most exciting things. I love midnight. It's so beautiful. - Catlover2004

It's 12:00 am right now. I'm so glad it's a weekend. - purpleyoshi98

4 6:00 PM

Dinner. Enough said. It’s when sun starts to go down but when the moon is getting brighter. The time to go bowling.

5 5:00 PM

The day is ending, your done your homework, dinner is comming, and its time to relax and enjoy your free time before having to go upstairs and get ready for bed. It's the ultimate free time.

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6 7:00 AM
7 4:00 PM

When my school lets out. - Minecraftcrazy530

8 2:00 PM
9 7:00 PM

omg this is awesome
and people who said 7 am U R CRAZY! lol. I HATE THAT TIME! I HAVE TO GET UP AND ITS SO EARLY! I HATE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTT! lol. idk why i just screamed. - shawdyslikeamelody

10 1:00 PM

The Contenders

11 9:00 PM
12 10:00 AM

Have the most energy at 10am

13 1:10 PM
14 9:00 AM
15 10:40 AM
16 11:00 AM
17 8:00 AM
18 1:00 AM
19 6:00 AM
20 11:00 PM

On school nights, this is the time I turn my light off. - IronSabbathPriest

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