Best Timesplitters Characters

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1 Cortez Cortez

"It's Time to Split! " - htoutlaws2012

2 Robo-Fish

"You're going down! I'm gonna bust your head wide open! " - htoutlaws2012

I just love the little fishbowl!

3 Time Assassin

"I'll slice you up! " - htoutlaws2012

4 Badass Cyborg
5 The Deerhaunter

"The moose is loose! " - htoutlaws2012

6 Cyborg Chimp
7 Ape

monkeys are funny and cute but fun to use in battles

8 Chinese Chef
9 Duckman Drake

Hey is just such a unique character I like him in tsfp when he does kung fu when you select him

He's a duck and is awesome. I like all timesplitters characters. Goliath SD/9 is my most favorite

10 Gretel

"Mission Data now Online! " - htoutlaws2012

The Contenders

11 Undead Priest

"I'm all steamed up" - htoutlaws2012

12 R One-Oh-Seven

"Doot-doot. I am your servant. I am your worker." - htoutlaws2012

13 Kitten Celeste

"You have great taste." - htoutlaws2012

14 R-110

"Eat my laser! EAT IT! " - htoutlaws2012

15 CyberFairy

Cyberfairy and Viola have always been my full time favorites! to bad cyberfairy did't make it to the future perfect..

16 Insetik SD/12

Hard to unlock but pretty cool!

"By your command." - htoutlaws2012

17 Leo Krupps

"Grreat choice! " - htoutlaws2012

18 Harry Tipper

The opening scene from atom smasher is hilarious with one of the best line deliveries EVER!

"Oh yeah... that's right! " - htoutlaws2012

19 Handyman

"I am the glovenor! Pick me, I'm quite handy! " - htoutlaws2012

20 Captain Ash

"Cheers!..., Ah! " - htoutlaws2012

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1. Badass Cyborg
2. Chinese Chef
3. Robo-Fish
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1. R-110
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