Best Timesplitters Characters

The Top Ten

1 Cortez

"It's Time to Split! "

2 Time Assassin

"I'll slice you up! "

3 Gretel

"Mission Data now Online! "

4 Freak
5 Robo-Fish

"You're going down! I'm gonna bust your head wide open! "

I just love the little fishbowl!

6 Ghost
7 Badass Cyborg
8 The Deerhaunter

"The moose is loose! "

9 Duckman Drake

Hey is just such a unique character I like him in tsfp when he does kung fu when you select him

He's a duck and is awesome. I like all timesplitters characters. Goliath SD/9 is my most favorite

10 R-110

"Eat my laser! EAT IT! "

The Contenders

11 Cyborg Chimp
12 Ape

monkeys are funny and cute but fun to use in battles

13 Headsprouter
14 Kitten Celeste

"You have great taste."

15 Chinese Chef
16 CyberFairy

Cyberfairy and Viola have always been my full time favorites! to bad cyberfairy did't make it to the future perfect..

17 Insetik SD/12

Hard to unlock but pretty cool!

"By your command."

18 Corporal Hart

"Locked, c***ed and ready to roll! "

19 Harry Tipper

The opening scene from atom smasher is hilarious with one of the best line deliveries EVER!

"Oh yeah... that's right! "

20 The General

"Okay, let's go! "

21 Goliath SD/9
22 Cropolite
23 Sgt. Bush
24 Hank Nova
25 Viola

"Okay! "

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