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21 Eyes Wide Shut
22 So Addicted

Nice hook and lyrics. It's just addictive.

23 Girls Like
24 R.I.P.

Really Great Song, not that his other are bad, but this one is over all, even better than frisky.

25 Not Letting Go

Really! How is this not number one! It's Jess Glynne for heavens sake!

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26 Snap
27 Like It or Love It
28 It's Ok

Great Song With Labrinth So Catchy

29 Tsunami

Awesome! Great dance song!

The best song of his ever

30 Wifey

Not enough have listened to this

31 Obsession

Easily the best lyrics and such good rap! :) should be number one or two!

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32 Tears

Best Tinie song ever from the grime days

33 Turn the Music Louder (Rumble)

Love it! Katy B with Tinie Tempah, why has no one though of this before!

34 Turn the Music Louder

Best song in my opinion. Could listen to it for hours!

35 We Don't Play No Games

We don't play no games is I think my number 1 Junk Food song by Tinie Tempah love when it goes We Don't Play No Games well I've only listened to it 1 time in my life and that was when I was at holiday to Spain

We Don't Play No Games I actually made this one so it must be fun to post my opinion

36 Hitz
37 Mayday
38 Hood Economics
39 5 Minutes
40 Dum Dum

It's in the top 200 charts! It's number 177 and it's amazing that Tinie Tempah got featured in it with Becky G and featured by Kideko

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