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1 El Amor El Amor

He is awesome, his great on what his doing, we love him, he can really make you dance with his songs. The Best. That's my opinion.

Undoubtedly the best song! I think this one is his most popular - Nezzi

2 Mi Cama Huele a Ti Mi Cama Huele a Ti

It's a very lovely song I like it

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3 Barquito Barquito

There's no words to describe this song, it's just amazing, I remember when I used to sing it with my girlfriend when she went to other country in holidays. Nice song!

4 Te Pido Perdon Te Pido Perdon

If you speak Spanish, You will LOVE this one! It's so god! - Nezzi

I�'m a DJ from Munic/Germany. Love his style so much!
Great Latin Emotions! Want More!

5 Somos Iguales Somos Iguales

Such a sweet and meaningful song - Nezzi

6 Caile Caile
7 El Tra El Tra
8 Siente el Boom Siente el Boom
9 Flow Natural Flow Natural
10 Dime Como Te Va Dime Como Te Va

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11 Basta Ya Basta Ya
12 Desnudarte Desnudarte
13 Se Me Va la Voz Se Me Va la Voz

A great collaboration with Alejandro Fernandez - Nezzi

14 Maquina del Tiempo Maquina del Tiempo
15 Perfumate Perfumate

This one has a great beat that gets stuck in your head... a GOOD thing! - Nezzi

16 Tu Olor Tu Olor
17 Mia Mia
18 Sueltate Sueltate
19 Solo Dime Que Si Solo Dime Que Si
20 Dejala Volar Dejala Volar
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Top Remixes

1. El Amor
2. Caile
3. Mi Cama Huele a Ti
1. El Amor
2. Mi Cama Huele a Ti
3. Caile
1. El Amor
2. Somos Iguales
3. Te Pido Perdon



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