Best Tom Hanks Movies of the '90s


The Top Ten

1 Forrest Gump Forrest Gump

Best movie I think I have ever seen

2 Philadelphia Philadelphia

He won his first Oscar for this movie - Alexandr

Awesome! So deep in depth of feeling. Just wanted to cry!

3 Saving Private Ryan Saving Private Ryan

It was a tough call between this and Forest Gump, but in the end, Saving Private Ryan is the most intense movie of all time

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4 A League Of Their Own A League Of Their Own
5 Apollo 13 Apollo 13
6 Sleepless in Seattle Sleepless in Seattle
7 You've Got Mail You've Got Mail

Watched this movie more than 5x already!

8 The Green Mile The Green Mile
9 Joe Versus the Volcano Joe Versus the Volcano
10 Toy Story

The Contenders

11 That Thing You Do That Thing You Do
12 The Bonfire of the Vanities The Bonfire of the Vanities
13 Toy Story 2 Toy Story 2
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