Best Tom Morello Solos with RATM

Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine had some great solos. Which is the best?

We are only including solos from Rage Against the Machine, no Audioslave.

The Top Ten

1 Killing In the Name

1. Killing in the Name
2. Bulls On Parade
3. Know Your Enemy
4. Guerrilla Radio
5. Testify
6. Bullet in the Head
7. Sleep Now in the Fire
8. Mic Check
9. Down Rodeo
10. Township Rebellion - Derrick_Fox

2 Bulls On Parade

This song is the best song by him and tom morello is awesome. - GNRMAN1

3 Guerrilla Radio
4 Take the Power Back
5 Know Your Enemy

It looks like you just put their best songs in order know your enemy has an amazing solo wheras killing in the name of's solo is not toms best work although the song is epic

6 Bombtrack
7 Sleep Now In the Fire
8 Testify

What is he doing to his guitar on the intro!?

9 Wake Up
10 Calm Like a Bomb

The Contenders

11 Darkness

For those of you who can't stand Tom Morello's rer-rer-chicka-whoa-wah solos, listen to "Darkness". It's a clean solo (so no effects). The song was a demo for their debut album which never made it on. Possibly because of the lyrics? Listen to them yourself and be the judge. "Darkness" was released on "The Crow" soundtrack.

12 Mic Check
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