Best Tony Harnell Songs

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1 Northern Lights

Some of the most intricate lyrics Tony's ever sang, and the version he did with the Mercury Train is even better. This is the "I Will Always Love You" in Tony's career. The song's just to awesome. The chorus is just amazing.

The Mercury Train version! Emotions overload!

I will refrain from trying comedy on this ;) but Northern Lights is incredible! ~ Keimo

2 10,000 Lovers (In One)

This should could've been number one, but lyrically (compared to Northern lights) it's lacking. This song really utilizes Tony's vocals to the maximum. It's also one of the best TNT songs ever.

3 Intuition

The lyrics were amazing. Truly inspiring. This song is the ultimate fusion of Tony's vocals and Ronni's guitar genius. I love this song.

4 Everyone's a Star

One of TNT's best songs, and one of the most uplifting songs ever. Really great song to live by.

5 I Don't Want Anything

One of Tony's softer songs, but it shows his lyrical genius in this song.

6 Tell No Tales

The attitude and energy of this song is so badass. I love it! Especially the high notes that Tony uses with such power... Ugh it's so awesome! This song always gets me going!

Just an awesome tune all together that really kicks your ass, I really do appeciate that raw and aggressive expession that Tony have on this tune, love it!

7 It Doesn't Matter

The first Tony Harnell song I ever heard. Sonic Adventure was one of the best games ever, and this song is better than most Crush 40 songs. Amazing vocal output

8 Give Me a Sign
9 Perfectly

Beautiful song and his vocals are brilliant! LOVE!

10 Take What You're Giving

Best single Tony ever released!

The Contenders

11 Look to See
12 Limbo

The epic masterpiece created by Harnell and Mark Reale on WestWorlds skin album in 2000

13 Invisible Noise
14 I'm Not Scared Anymore
15 Lionheart
16 Unholy
17 Bring the Water to Me
18 End of the Line
19 Satellite
20 Caught Between the Tigers
21 Sun In Your Sky
22 Days of Confusion
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