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1 Lateralus Lateralus Product Image

I personally was obsessed with 10,000 Days for the longest time. That album is where Maynard shines more than ever. I love each album Tool has put out, but artistic and creativity-wise, Lateralus is the best. The single fact that one track (the title track) featured clues hidden in the structure of itself that led to a complete re-organizing of the album's track list makes it the best. Not only is Lateralus beautiful start to finish by itself, but if re-ordered to fit the "Holy Gift" way, each song leads into the next with perfect symmetry, perfect timing, and perfect harmony. This album is by far my favorite in all of history.

An explosive, raw, passionate musical adventure. Not only does the album posses the three previously mentioned qualities, but it's ridiculously calculated. An excellent example of the album's insane amount of precision is the title-track's lyrics following a/the pattern of the Fibonacci Sequence, which allows the entire album's track order to be re-ordered (The re-ordered version of the album is known as 'The Holy Gift'). What does the re-ordering do? It causes every song to fall into perfect collaboration (timing, harmony, etc. )

All in all a simply phenomenal album. I love '10,000 Days' as well, but it's very difficult to beat this album.

This is album is very broad and ridiculously complex. Musically, and in the way it is organized.

My Top 5 Favorite Tool Albums:
#1:10,000 Days

2 Aenima Aenima Product Image

Trust me, in my earlier years as a diehard Tool nerd I would no doubt have said Lateralus, but as my musical sense has matured I've come to realize and comprehend the complex, progressive and technical nature of this album. It still hurts to this day to give up my previous top spots of The Grudge and Ticks & Leeches, but I just have to acknowledge that Pushit, Third Eye and Eulogy are on a completely different level than any other songs I've ever heard. The heavy 46 & Two and Jimmy are both very dear to me as well. And I mean who can forget the catchy and incredibly raw Stinkfist and Aenima? I should probably even mention the hilarious little segments like Die eier von Satan and Intermission. And while I think all band members do absolutely divine work on all albums, I just have to say that Maynard does his best work here with some insanely emotional and beautiful delivery (the climax of Pushit gives me goosebumps EVERY time), but he also shines with different vocal styles throughout ...more

AEnima just has the all around best sound as it's a middle point for Tool. I like all of their albums quite a lot but AEnima struck a perfect balance between dark, angry songs like the stuff on Undertow and Opiate and more deep and philosophical songs that would come later and besides the filler songs like Intermission and Message to Harry Manback,(which are pretty funny anyway) all of the songs are amazing. The album definitely grew on me as well, as it took me a couple listens to really start loving Eulogy and Pushit. It's also the only full length album that doesn't have a song that I'm kind of partial on or don't really enjoy that much, like Flood, Ticks and leeches, and Jambi. Anyways I know TLDR:AEnima is such a great album and a true middle point for Tool.

This album, first off is insanely BA, and every song speaks an emotion for every song. This album probably has the weakest on the vocals side, but just like bands like RHCP, except still an amazing voice, it works perfectly for this album. He is showing how he feels, not going on being like "feel for me" he is saying, "Dude I am bad, just as bad as anyone who messed me up." And as a complete album it tells a story, not just a song here, a song here and lets just put this song in for fun, it is expertly crafted. Songs like AEmina, and Eulogy are some of the most emotionally gripping songs. I love it, and anyone who enjoys this stuff, even a little, this a MUST listen to.

No swearing? Lol! Ok, 'Aenema' is Tool's finest outing, no doubt about it. I can't listen to it anymore due to becoming desensitised to its greatness, but it's still vivid how brutal and venomous and majestic and intelligent this album is. Yes, all of Tool's output are of the highest calibre, but from a punch-in-the-face to a disturbing lullabye, this is where it's at. It is the only equivalent to 'Master of Puppets' I can think of, and unlike Metallica, Tool have never sold-out. In some ways I wish they would, so I could have a brew and watch a high-quality live dvd, or even a new album! Maynard! Sell your soul to make a record and I'll definitely be the dips$&t who buys one.

3 10,000 Days 10,000 Days Product Image

All songs are masterpieces listen to the first five songs I know you will reconise them cause vicarious jambi and the pot were played on the radio and 10000 days part 1&2 are about maynards mom having a stroke and paralyzed for almost 10000 days it's a very sad song and put together their longest and lost keys was a peacful song then a short song called lipan conjuring an opening to a very progressive song called rosetta stoned its kinda funny then intension a very underrated song it needs to be heard more its very good then right in two I personlly think it's a song about war its almost 9 minutes long and its one of my favorite songs on this album then viginti tres a closing to this album and I don't know what language its talking in but it's a better closing than fiaap de opiate lateralus is my favorite but this deep and emotional deserves at leat number 3 not 4

Not really a fan of the album, but I'm a fan of the album artwork. it is so creative how you are supposed to look at the pictures through the glasses.

All are great, so I think it really comes down to personal preference, and mine is 10,000 days...and it had me at Vicarious

A very deep and emotional album. I love AEnima to death, but 10,000 days takes the lead.

4 Undertow Undertow Product Image

This is considered their worst album for a number of reasons: it's less progressive, it's not as creative as the others, it lacks structure.

For some reason though, it's my favourite one. Possibly because of the heaviness of it.

Seriously? You guys are making this album sound like st. Anger by saying it's their worst album. It is a great classic tool album. (same with opiate too)

This album contains their longest song of all time. it is called disgustipated and it is fifteen minutes long.
That's pretty long if you ask me! ! !

Not as complex as later albums but still a lot to like about it.

5 Fear Inoculum Fear Inoculum Product Image

A lot of longtime fans seem to really hate this one. But I consider it one of their best. It feels a lot more psychedelic than what Tool usually does, and being a fan of psychedelic music helped he enjoy this one a lot.

Complex and layered, this album's polyrhythmic composition highlights the abilities of every member of the band. Definitely one of the best albums.

After a day of listening, I can stay it's at least my 3rd favorite album of theirs.
1) AEnima 9.5/10
2) Lateralus 9.5/10
3) Fear Inoculum 9/10
4) 10,000 Days 8.5/10
5) Undertow 7.5/10
6) Opiate 7/10

Should be at least in the top 3, fantastic album

6 Opiate Opiate Product Image

This is a great ep. its got some great tunes on it such as sweat (which is the best on the album), opiate, hush and the hidden track

Hidden track is called The Gaping Lotus Experience by the way

Just discovered this first album. It's awesome! I like it better than the others.

7 Salival Salival Product Image

Yes, this is an album - and an expensive buy - but I would pay triple for the cd-side of things alone. Their re-imagining of 'Push It' is a journey like no other, along with all the other great covers and live output. 80-minutes of greatness that the cd itself weighs 5kg. A beast!

Pushit. Best song. Best version. You lied was amazing

Pretty damn hard to find in stores.

8 72826

Tool's biggest secret

9 The Holy Gift
10 Loving the Alien
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