Best Tool Songs of the 2000s

The Top Ten Best Tool Songs of the 2000s


Was obsessed with this song for a loong time! An absolute masterpiece!

The Pot
10,000 Days Part 2

Beautiful. Just an incredible song about mourning the death of a love one. Truly going to be renowned in the future as one of the most excellent passages about the subject of the 21st century.

10,000 Days Part 1 (Wings for Marie)
Rosetta Stoned
Ticks and Leeches

Jambi, ticks and leeches, right and two are my 3 favorite songs of all time but for right now it has to be ticks and leeches because come on.
"Hope this is what you wanted
Hope this is what you had in mind
Because this is what you're getting"

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Right In Two
The Grudge
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