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21 Reflection

Very spiritual, takes the meaning of life and let's you relate, in every aspect. A meaning of a song is more reflective of who YOU are, than what the song is about. It's up to you to determine the meaning and reason.

Such a great, he is singing about non-attachment, liberation, meditation, the cycle of Maya and making use of this life. Such a spiritual song, people who are into spirituality can understand easily, no offense to others.

This has to be my favorite song that is over 10 minutes. I got the latrelaus album as a Christmas present, which was the first tool album I got, (by the way it is still my favorite album from dis band) when I first found out about this list and I didn't look at it yet and I thought that reflection would be in the top ten, maybe top five, so once I kept scrolling down and I finally found it at 22 I was disappointed. I mean this is one of their best songs from lateralus. it has great sound, great meaning and a great video. this whole trilogy is amazing.

Always a minority, I am... But this is my favorite song nonetheless...

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22 Opiate

26? Really?! This is like one of the very best Tool songs EVER MADE! Takes me back to '92 when I was first introduced to Tool. I heard the Opiate album and could not stop listening to it. This is the last song on the album; not counting the "secret" song :) But you listen to the whole awe-inspiring album, and then end it with Opiate... It's just a song you can "feel" and always play on full blast and not get sick of it... Completely amazing.

So many awesome tool songs to choose from. At the moment this is my favorite. Awesome lyrics, I love the meaning of this song. Surprised this isn't higher on the list.

Should be in top 5, if not 1! My dad learned that he could sing from this song! He has a very successful band now. True story. :P

Ok u idiots. This is by far the best tool song there. Should be the #1 for sure. Its toatally diffrent kind of tool song and just kicks ass to the highest level there is. This song deserves more than 21

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23 The Patient

This is probably one of the most epic tool songs ever if you listen to it enough to understand its meaning. The opening is intense and the interludes kick your ass. The song evolves into an epic climax near the end and it easily makes my top 5 tool songs of all time. It is a crime that this song is number 34 on this list.

Waiting can be agonizing and sometimes it will even wither you. But this strange force called satisfaction does surface through from time to time and we just have to give the time and effort. Just being able to say the words "I'm still right here" at all is a testament to how patient you are.

The Patient is, to me, one of the best songs by Tool. Every time I hear it I immediately get goosebumps, that's how you know that's how you know that is a song is good. Next time you listen to the song really listen to the lyrics... I mean really listen. Amazing.

These lyrics are poetry.

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24 Jerk-Off

I know the only real version is live, but come one, higher please.

Killer double bass. I used to jam this before going out on Friday night with the boys.

Deserves to be a lot higher then 27

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25 Ænema
26 Undertow

Indeed, I'm a little baffled by this placing as well. This song is worthy of top 5 for certain. I can tell most of you came into this scene during "10,000 Days, " well it's time to start listening to the older stuff!

How the hell are you guys leaving this at number 29 on the list. This has to get put higher up on the list ASAP.

Currently my favorite song by Tool. Everything about it is great, especially the drum line. I agree, this should be higher up on the list.


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27 Part of Me

43er is ridiculous this should be top ten awesome song great drums and bass. - SVGPLAGUE

28 Hush

Don't tell me what to say man

29 Flood

Holy crap! why are all the undertow songs so low? if you think that this album is bad then you either have no taste in music or you have just clearly never heard it before.

Most underrated song they ever made. Once you get past the long intro you'll find one of the best songs in their career.

22 years old and it is still one of my favorite tracks ever

This is easily my favorite track off undertow - ryanrimmel

30 No Quarter

Ok there are obviously way too many good Tool songs to decide that one is the absolute best. We all have our personal opinions, but my opinion of the best song has changed countless times over the years. But this song is in top 5. Incredible.

Clearly at least top 5. I understand a cover shouldn't be one of the top songs of a band but I consider it more like a remake. It creates a completely different atmosphere if you compare it to the original version. Everything is just so good about this song...

Listen to this song and tell me it doesn't belong in the top 5. It's not a very well-known song, but it's really good.

Although it is impossible to decide which tool songs are the best since all of them are equally good, I was shocked to see this at 26.
All hail maynard james keenan

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31 Jimmy

Amazing song- such strong lyrical content and powerful rhythms are no new bout for Maynard and the boys. I would say it should be higher but only real tool fans know this.

After listening to all of Tool's discography this has got to be the single greatest tool song. Lyrical value is amazing. You Lied doesn't qualify since it's a Peach song

I don't think that I have ever listened to this song and intermission separately. intermission is the intro to this song.

Easily one of the greats...Should have the top spot due to lyrical content alone

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32 4 Degrees

It's like concentrated bomb, trying to explode and set it free you know. Is it really so hard to get rid of all the stupid habbits, fears and make radical changes in our lives? -Should try harder perhaps...

Recently heard this for the first time, it needs to be higher than this. The main guitar riff has a kind of sweeping, epic sound. Though I did just read the meaning.

The intro is so sick!

34 Disposition

The bass in this song is absolutely mesmerizing, the whammy board and delay Justin uses just send chills down my spine right from the intro till the end of the song.

35 Disgustipated

Truly one of the most hypnotizing songs of all time! And without a doubt, one of, if not THE GREATEST ALBUM ENDING IN THE HISTORY OF MUSIC EVER!

I'd like to think of this song as a message to all the vegans out there that think it's wrong to eat animals. Disgustipated puts the purpose of human life into a different perspective that we are accustomed to. The sermom about the carrots is a huge testament to that, we are all alive, everything on this planet has a capacity to "feel" and "know". We all live, we all die and life feeds on life.

Even though its not a SONG song, like one that has a tune that you sing to, it is a great and meaning ful song. sure the seven minutes of cricket sounds in the end can get on your nerves a little by the end, but believe me it is worth listening to.

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36 Swamp Song

How is this song not higher? It's so relates to the world and is so angry and powerful, especially with Maynard's sick vocals.

Wow this is really odd I thought it would be much higher than this!

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37 Cold and Ugly

There is no talking before cold and ugly and you need to go see a therapist.

38 Crawl Away

Holy crap! this whole second page are my favorite tool songs I've heard! these are the real good ones

39 Pushit (Salival)

Face it, it just the best. Some of you may never had the opportunity to have the album

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40 Wings for Marie Pt.1

I love that part near the end of this one with that amazing guitar and drums. After listening to both songs I realized that both songs end the exact same way, but on wings for marie it is more out of place if ya know what I'm saying

Are you kidding me?! Number 46 under Mantra, this song is fantastic and it's crazy how this is only at 46 - Quart

This is a good song. but why so low?

Why is this at 47?!?! - ryanrimmel

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