I like Duncan because I can relate with him. Not because he is an edgy, but because he has very libertarian views. He hates it when people tell him what to do, and questions authority all of the God damn time. He is willing to stand up to anybody who stands in his way and isn't afraid to take action. One great thing I like about him that I didn't notice before is that he uses the non aggression principle. He never tries to start a really aggressive conflict, but if he is involved in one, he will use all of his force to make it to the top. Also he is against authority of any kind. I respect that.

Duncan is the coolest character on the show. He has a cool look with a spiked dog collar, Green Mohawk, skull shirt, and wearing those red chucks he kinda made me like the punk/goth look. He is smart, feared, and hilarious which plays big on the show. He is sort of a bully but it's a T.V. show and an animated one at that. So I don't know why some people would take it so seriously. Either way he is probably the most interesting character on the show better than others on here like Cody or Owen that's for sure.

I don't like what he did to Noah or Courtney. But really? Kissing Gwen? I don't hate him, but I don't think he should make it far in the next season, because he is a literal screen hog! Can he at least be eliminated early, oh wait he was eliminate early on World Tour, but he was brought back and eliminated my favorite male character on that show, because (bleep) you we eliminated your favorite character because we don't (bleep) care about you! - Gehenna

Duncan is amazing! I don't even know why I like him so much... But I do! There something about him that makes me just, want him to be perfect! Like in my mind... Nothing he does is wrong, is a jerk to Harold (I hate Harold anyway) its amazing, is super nice to the guys in his bunk secretly, SO CUTE! He's just so rebellious and sneaky and manipulative! I love Duncan, I think him and Gwen are like, PERFECT! But anyway, GO TEAM DUNCAN!

On the final season of the series they should put all the finalists of each previous season (Owen, Gwen, Duncan, Beth, Alejandro, Heather, Cameron, Lighting, Mike, Zoe, Sky, Shawn etc. - you get the idea) and most definitely put Duncan as the final winner! That would be the most satisfying ending!

Duncan he is my favorite character in the show maybe even the fan favorite and I like him because one he is the coolest character and two I got matched as him in a total drama island quiz based on my personalities (even though I'm not a bully or a criminal.)

Duncan is so COOL he is the best contestant ever he may be a bully but Harold is a pathetic nerd who acts cool but is a loser math geek duncan has probably made it the farthest out of the original cast I have not been bullied so duncan still rules

Duncan:a delinquent badass. He is also helpful to his team/himself when participating, and he's also funny. In fact, he was so good that he constantly came close to finals/was a finalist each time he was a contestant.!

Honestly I don't care what people say about how Duncan has changed for the worse. And that he ranks to high in every season I think he's awesome, cool, smart, funny, manipulating, popular, and not a total geek like Harold even though personally I like Harold.

I LOVED Duncan. As a kid I thought he was cool just because he had green hair and looked cool but now I realize he was really funny and interesting. Too bad they made him "soft" in the newer series' he was in, that isn't really cool.

Duncan really creates the Drama for Total Drama. The shows are a thousand times better when he is in them. I love it how he always has the best responses for everything, and his facial expressions to the situation so hilarious.

I like him because of his personality and his different ways of dealing with stuff and that he keeps refusing to be the soft hearted guy he is and keeps saying that he still is the bad boy

I like that Duncan is in total drama because he dated Gwen and Courtney the 2 coolest girls on the show when he picked on Harold it was funny at first but it got kind of annoying I liked when in season 2 they help each other win the challange but when Harold punches Duncan I wanted to throw him off the mountain but Duncan is cool

Duncan was by far one of the funniest characters. He actually made people laugh when he would prank Harold in season 1 and 2. But I after season 3he kind of went downhill from there.

Duncan was just the coolest and he made for an interesting, cool, and all around awesome character he made total drama, total drama (let's us all forget the horrors of all stars)

I love Duncan he is a hardcore punk but he also has a soft side and I feel so sorry for him that his dog ran away when he was little TEAM DUNCAN all the way!

I liked him when he was with Gwen when he was with Courtney she made him into something he wasn't she wanted to take Duncan and make him someone completely different.

Why are people hating so much on Duncan? It's a show so don't take it so seriously. And you either love him, hate him, or wish he got more screen time.

I like Duncan cause of his bad act and cool hair. Some how he got the girl of his dreams to finally like him and give him the kiss he was waiting for!

He's the most resourceful, and would've won All-Stars if not for the cops... He would've been the only one with 2 possible wins under his belt

Always have been a huge Duncan fan because of how he acts

He has made it so Far into the game every time, Season one he was like the 4th to go, Season 2 he won in america, came in second if you were in Canada, in season three he was 5th and sadly he didn't go too far in TDAS being in 8th but still. He has the pretty much most view time of any character.

The only one to stay as consistent as he did (placing 4th, 1st, and 5th respectively in the first three seasons). Plus his tactics during those seasons without a doubt earned him a lot respect from his allies and enemies alike. Definitely one of the best characters from the show.

Duncan is so hated now. His character went from a kind hearted bad boy, to a cheater, to a loser. Yuck.

He is just awesome. But I stopped really liking him when he was in a relationship with Gwen.