Gwen is my favorite Total Drama character for sure! She's smart, pretty, witty, and don't let anybody mess with her. She has awesome style, and is all around a genuine person. I hate that she hasn't won a season yet, with all the crap she's been through, she deserves to finally win for once. Like in Island, she deserved to win over Owen. She was going to use the money and go to art school, while Owen just threw a party.She was actually going to use the money for something meaningful. I hope the creators realize she deserves the money more than any of the other contestants, and let Gwen finally win like she deserves.

Gwen is PURE awesome. Even though she has haters I love her. In Island she was kinda the main character and she was nice, strong and good at challenges. Sh had a nice relationship with Trent too, speaking of that... In Action GwenXTrent just got RUINED. Trent started going crazy over Gwen. People blame Gwen for the break up and that's why Gwen has haters, but it was Trent's fault for being crazy. I felt sorry for her in World Tour about the Gwen/Duncan/Courtney love triangle. She was back to the great Gwen in All Stars too. I don't care what people think Gwen is the best and please make her number one!

Gwen was one of my favorites in Total Drama Island, and won in her ending. In Total Drama Action, I hated her, honestly, Gwen and Trent was a cute couple, and she caused the break-up! In Total Drama World Tour, it was basically a Gwen/Duncan/Courtney love triangle. Gwen and Duncan is the worst couple in Total Drama HISTORY. I hated Gwen for dating Duncan while going behind Courtney's back. In Total Drama All-Stars, Courtney would not forgive Gwen. - Catacorn

Gwen is the most amazing! I hate the people who started shizz just because she broke up with someone, the only reason she made a deal was peer-pressure to not be seen as a lying bastard. She is smart, awesome, and my favorite character. I am glad she and Duncan are tied as first place. I am also happy she won. She was my favorite character through thick and thin, and I know this was weird, but I honestly hated Trent. I don't know why, but all that matters to me is Gwen, she is funny and relatable, so that is a nice bonus.

Gwen appears rough around the edges, but she shows a genuine kindness and loyalty to those who break through her shell. She goes with her gut (even if fans or players think she's at fault), but shows remorse for any negative actions. She really shouldn't have been on the villains team, because she has many redeeming qualities for her few screw-ups. She tried to apologize to Courtney AND treated Cameron and Zoey with kindness in TDAS. She's my favorite original cast member.

I think Gwen is the best out of all five seasons. I'm so glad that she didn't throw challenges like Courtney or Scott. I didn't say Trent because he did it for his girlfriend. I was even thinking about theming my room in my next house Gwen.

In a future season, I hope Gwen and Duncan also participate. I hope that Duncan let this villain attitude to take an anti-hero position, and I hope that the two go to the final together and end up together after all.

Gwen is such a cool and funny character. Though after season one they ended her relationship with Trent. Even so she is still strong and independent. I really hope she is on season 6 of total drama! Meghan I hope you see this!

Oh, come on! This high? I mean, I know that she was pretty much the main character in TDI but she should have gotten like 6th or 7th, just my opinion. Second place just seems too dang much to me.

Gwen is so relatable and she has her head in the game most of the time, unlike the other total drama characters like flaky Lindsay and boring Noah. I love her character and she had been my favorite since the beginning of the show.

I love how at first we thought she was mean then she is this sweetheart who would do anything to get her friend back I loved her in total drama all stars how she was kind to everybody

GWEN MY BAE, MY QUEEN, MY ALL TIME FAVORITE. Screw Duncan (Not that I don't like him, I love him, second favorite male character), Gwen should be number one!

She should've won TDI. Owen won because of the brownies Izzy got from the trailer. OWEN AND IZZY ARE CHEATERS IN TDI

Well I've always liked gwen and I love how she made Courtney flirt with Tyler because Gwen and Duncan kissed.. Oh and dungeon forever

I love Gwen! She is so funny, smart, independent and kind. I really wish she won the money in total drama island! I like Owen and all but Gwen deserved that money!

She is the best by a long way. She Reminds me of other characters I like which are Raven from Teen Titans and Rouge from X-Men.

She so pretty and awesome and bcs she si gith that why I love her a lot! And her blue hair too it cool

Gwen Is like the ultimate anti hero in the series,in a series full of just strictly good and evil character, it's so nice to see someone who doesn't fit into either. Nice to the heroes and really evil to the villains. She arguably deserved to win in season 1 AND All stars.

She has mentality where she honestly doesn't care at times. I found her the most alluring and enjoying character to watch. She is also a stubborn, cool, awesome chick.

Her and Duncan suit each other more. I hate how Courtney just want to change Duncan. But she was a little hard on Trent but still in my top 10

I loved Gwen all the way to the end because she was cool independent and I love her hair she was my FAVORITE CHARACTER the all 5 seasons

Gwen is so awesome! She made it to the final three, beat a real life maniac on the loose and has the cutest relationship with Trent!

I liked her up until she kissed Duncan in season 3 because of Tyler spilling the beans in front of Courtney on Greece's pieces

Gwen is my favorite TD character of all time Duncan is second Noah is third tied with Owen in my book NOTE I HAD THIS OPINION BEFORE READING THIS

Gwen should be number one. She is funny, nice, and smart. She won the first ever total drama island.