Ok so I was gonna comment for Duncan before I relised the new cast was on here. How is Mike 8? He should be 3, I really love the way he has all those different alternative personalitys, it makes the whole show more interesting. Sometimes, I wish the challenges would hurry up and finsh just so I can watch the battle in miles head and how it affects his relationships like Zoey. Svetlana is funny and helpful, cheaters ok, Manitoba is cool, I like the way he and Mike both like Zoey, and when Zoey turns Manitoba down but says she'll go out win mike and Manitoba says that Mike picked well... I don't know I really liked that part. Vito was my favourite in revenge of the island, because he is so chill and isn't really bothered about the money, just impressing the ladies, but when mal came around that all changed. Mal is my ultimate favorite, even more that Mike! Duncan used to be my favorite but now it's Mal, because he's better than Duncan at being a bad boy, which is shown when Duncan says ...more

Mom.. Such a creative character his 5 personalities, Mal was a creative evil personality. Mike has won Total drama all-stars! He is brave and kind! He connects with his personalities and helps his friends out! Without mike Mal would still be acting evil and his other personalities would suffer! He deserves way higher! And he never did give up! - GameTwists

I vote for mike since he's a lot different from the other characters in the total drama series. I know people say mike himself is plain and all but there's something about him that makes me want to see him compete again in perhaps season 7 or whatever their next all star season is.

Mike was an interesting character. The situations his multiple personalities always bring up are definitely enjoyable; and I happen to love all of them, especially Mal. Mike has a very complex and well thought out character and that's why he's such a liked character here.

Best and most complex character on the show. Next to Gwen, Heather, and Alejandro, one of my very favorite characters. He's sweet, shy, and afflicted with a multiple personality disorder. He's so much fun to watch with his alter personalities, and a very laugh-provoking character. I love him and Zoey in a relationship!

I love Mike. He has the most character out of everyone. When Mike is Mike he has a corky personality. I hate hate hate hate Mal. He takes mike away from us. Other then Mal I like all of Mike's personalities. Mike is my favorite character of total drama. not just total drama revenge of the island, The series of total drama.

Mike was the best out of all the newcomers! His multiple personalities made him the perfect character for this kind of show especially once Mal was introduced. I hope Mal comes back, he was awesome.

I think Mike is the best Total Drama character. He reminds me if myself in that we both have some form of disorder (I'm autistic), I loved his personalities (Chester was my personal favourite). It's a shame that a great contestant like Mike was used so horribly in an abysmal season like All Stars.

I love mike he is so cute Director Put Mike and me and gwen Together And make him kiss me I have brown hair blonde highlights heart shape necklace Put any clothes on me and make Mike be my boyfriend in there please I beg you my name is adrianna

When Mike showed his personalities for the first time, I knew instantly that he would have many different personalities. Unlike the other Total Drama characters with only one, Mike's multiple personality disorder makes him a funny and interesting character.

I think he is really nice and he really cares about his friends, even his disorder is kinda creative and cool. I don't really know why out of all the characters I like him the best, but I loved him from the start.

Best character ever people like Duncan better than Mike come on! He makes this show even more interesting! Sorry if you like Duncan better but I like Mike the best

He should have a third season regarding that his real him should be seen more.

I like this character especially the sweet love story of Mike and Zoey

Just like Zoey said; He's a hot, quirky smart guy who is nice and one of my favorite characters! He deserves to win, by far the most thought out character.

Mike is my favorite for his kindness and how friendly he is I loved his personalities unless it's Mal I don't know why but I don't like him sorry all you Mal fans but I don't

Mike is so fun and kind. His multiple personalities are awesome. In my opinion mike is well-developed and a great character.

I love Mike! He should be higher up! Not wasting space telling you stuff you already know. Just know he deserves to be higher.

We should love him and all of his personalities! Well, maybe not Vito...

Mike is the best he's sweet athletic smart kind and if I was a cartoon to I think I would date him and think he's cute and that's my actual thought

Mike's my favorite male character, he was really interesting and I loved his personalities and how quirky he is. He should in the top three!

I don't get why so many people dislike him. His personalities are awesome and funny. He is my favorite and I am glad that he won All Stars.

He is probably the only character that deserve to be on this list that is not part of the original cast

Best character ever come on why does everyone like Duncan I think he sucks but that is my opinion! Some people just like stupid old Duncan! Go Mike! Go zoey! Go Cameron! Go Leshawna! And dawn, brick, B and more! But Mike is my favorite character! He should be number one! Move Duncan!

He deserves to win all seasons. And should be first place in everything

Mike is a character I can relate to, his conflict with his personalities is the same conflict I have with my emotions