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41 Anne Maria Anne Maria

Oops, forgot no one likes her

Anne Maria is HILARIOUS! Her accent makes her more funny. I loved it when she started crushing on Vito. I can't believe she is so low. Go Anne Maria!

I like her and vito together she is VERY Obsessed with her hair but she is funny.


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42 D.J

Loves his mama OBVIOUSLY

DJ is just a great character, the way he stood up to Chef and helps everybody. He's so strong and still is scared of tonnes of things - DinoKea

He is Big Mac mlp

He's so sweet

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43 Sugar

Funniest person on the show I had never laughed out loud watching this show but when I saw her and her personality I thought she was hilarious.

I can't believe Sugar is so high. She is extremely dumb and thinks she's awesome when she's terrible.

Sugar is one awesome character

"Look at me! CHOO CHOO! I'm a bus! " - ckets4769

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44 Scarlett

She was by far my favourite from Pahkitew Island, even when she went crazy. I hope she comes back for another season (though he seems unlikely with Chris sort of hating her haha)

Scarlett needs way more love; she's pretty underrated, She's an awesome villain and deserves to be higher... Way higher than that thing called Mal

She is awesome but unfortunately for me something happens in episode 10

She was my favorite in season 6 I wish she would of won

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45 Tom

Easily the most entertaining newcomer. Hoping he gets picked for later seasons, too!

So awesome! He was caring, passionate, determined and overall amazing! If doesn't eventually win and season I will die a sad man

Tom is so awesome! He should win! Plus the fez is awesome

Awesome character who is so sexy

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46 Eva

I feel ever is underrated.

It's ever. ever! Who calls their child "Ever"? Oh yeah, NOBODY!

Her name is ever

2nd gone

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47 Jen

I hope she comes back in another season.

The Fashionista deserves another chance people!

or jen

48 Dakota

Really, am I the only one who didn't love Dakota for her appearance? I mean, of course she's adorable, but I loved her because she had lots of development. At first, she was only interested in getting camera time, but she soon evolved into a loyal, amazing character. Her romantic interest in Sam proves that she doesn't care about appearance (I'm not saying he's ugly, but let's admit it, he's not attractive) but rather, his personality, and I really adore her for that. She turned less fame-obsessed, and Dakotazoid is a total badass! I wish she got more appreciation.

At the start Dakota only wanted screen time but when she came back she was also awesome her as Dakotazoid was awesome she should not have been eliminated she fought creatures and helped in the challenge but I wished she changed back to human but how is Dakota in 46th and how is Sugar, Justin, Ezekiel and Mal higher than her she's my 6th favourite but she needs to be higher so please vote for Dakota

Dakota is beautiful I liked when she was Chris' slave girl

Ok some may have found her annoying at the start but when she came back she was EVEN better why do so many people hate she is my 5th favourite but she should be at least around 30 or something but how are characters like Ezekiel, Justin, Lightning and Leshaniqua so please vote for Dakota

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49 Vito

I like vito because his funny character R.I. P vito never forget you

Favorite mike personality by far

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50 Chef Hatchet V 2 Comments
51 Sammy V 2 Comments
52 Sventlana

Love her so athletic and gymnastic like me

53 Rodney

Rodney is a male version of Lindsay. He is super dumb. I hate watching him but I must admit it was funny when he thought Amy, jasmine and Scarlett were crushing on him

54 Macarthur

Tough as nails, funny and memorable in every way possible. Definitely one of the show's best. Long live Macarthur!

MacArthur is definitely an amazing contestant she strong, brave, tough, and funny! I'm glad she won in the last episode in other countries.

Macarthur is one of the shows best contestants! So funny!

So crazyly tough.well that's what she thinks

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55 Ryan V 1 Comment
56 Jeff

Do not vote for this character, as it is a misspelling of "Geoff" that is just screwing with the data concerning the amount of votes everyone

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57 Katie

She is one in my 3rd favorite couple Katie x Noah.

I always liked Katie more than Sadie it's sad that the last time she competed was the 5th episode of total drama

SO MUCH POTENTIAL! She was really good in the Dodgebrawl challenge also.

I need her back

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58 Kitty

! The last one was me! It was so meant for the person in 52! Soz Kitty fans! by the way SHE'S AMAZING as well! I love the fact she's a free spirit and wants what's best for her sis, Emma. VOTE PLEASE!

No offense or anything but I'm pointing out that if you want to vote for 'JEFF' you might need to go to 'GEOFF' who is in number 35 AND SHOULD BE IN NUMBER 1 BECAUSE HE'S AH-MAZING!

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59 Brody

As Brody would say, SICK DUDE! (that's what I think of him! ).

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60 Ennui

He has one of the coolest character designs on the show.

Much much much much better than Duncan

He has an awesome design and he's funny!

I love ennui and crimson

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