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61 Manitoba

A detective one of mike's personalities

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62 Blainely

I really liked her in World Tour, but she was ruined in the Aftermath. Ugh.

She left Bridgette in the cold!? WHY DO THAT!? Sorry Blainley fans, but I'm team Bridgette! Blainley REPLACED her! Who does that!?

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63 Rock

Carrying Spud everywhere with him.

64 Devin

HE IS SO AWESOME. I just hated how when he finally found out he liked Carrie it was too late.

He is the best player ever and it was totally on fair when they eliminated him.

He is really dumb! It's so stupid how he has abs when he is just a pathetic weakling

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65 Lashana

Is this a wrong spelling of LeShawna or is this another character?

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66 Sadie

I hate both Katie and Sadie but at least Katie is pretty. Sadie is just a big loud mouth who is really dumb

People like Katie better cause she's skinny... Sadie rocked Katie sucked!

I like Sadie because she big and annoyingly awesome!

Oh I miss katie so much

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67 Emma

Beautiful, determined, motivated, and not easily distracted. She has her mind set on winning, and doesn't get distracted easily. Future lawyer as well. Emma is the best Total Drama character!

As Brody would say, SICK DUDE! (that's what I think of him! ).

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68 Macarthur

Tough as nails, funny and memorable in every way possible. Definitely one of the show's best. Long live Macarthur!

MacArthur is definitely an amazing contestant she strong, brave, tough, and funny! I'm glad she won in the last episode in other countries.

Macarthur is one of the shows best contestants! So funny!

So crazyly tough.well that's what she thinks

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69 Junior (Dwayne Jr.)

He makes a great newcomer. He is the youngest character of the total drama series.

I love him! He's the youngest contestant and was a wonderful new character.

So awesome and better return and win a season! Who doesn't love him

They should really put him on a actual Total drama series! I've read fanfics about him competing on Total drama, and I gotta say that it's pretty cool!

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70 Don

I totally agree! Don is a much better host than Chris! Don is a bit indifferent about putting contestants in danger, but unlike Chris, he does care about their safety. I good host always makes sure competitors are well. Also, Don does talk about his handsome qualities too, and unlike Chris, he doesn't trick people, doesn't care about ratings, and cares about fairness. A good host is never biased, and makes sure that the competition is fair for everyone!

Don is the host of total drama : The Ridonculous Race. He us far Bette than chris Because he is a fair a whole lot funnier. Plus his snappy comments and vanity is autually funny. Not to mention he is aware tk cheating and will give anyone who cheats a punishment.

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71 Spud

Why is spud here? I never liked him he was never focused

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73 Jo

Jo is AWESOME even though she you used dumb lightning.

! I love jo! But some one on goanimate hates her because in season 5 episode 2, she pushed heather in the crab pit

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74 Jay

He was funny... Liked him slightly more than mickey hated how he left

He as my favorite character from the Ridonculous Race! Should be higher. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

Brought lots of entertainment to the Ridonculous Race. - naFrovivuS

75 Kimberly

Who is Kimberly?

Oskayi island

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77 Pete

Love Pete, mainly cause old people are amazing

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78 Josee

I don't like Josee she got far in the competition by cheating.

She was awesome evil character

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79 Sanders V 1 Comment
80 Shelly
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