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81 Chester

Chester is the best of mike's personality because he is cranky and old.

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82 Bruno

Is this the bear, or am I missing something?

83 Nicole

Nicole won't win season 7, don't you no that total drama was replaced by the ridonculis race

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84 Scruffy

Scruffy is Duncan's pet tarantula.

Best character by far no question

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85 Leshawna Jr.

Shush SelfisSUCK You're angering the fans.

Why does this rubbish trashy show get to have a popular list? - SelfisSUCK

86 Jacques

He's so arrogant and goofy that it's never a dull moment with him around.

He was awesome and funny

He is awesome! - PineapplePrism

So awesesome and so smoking hot when he is shirtless! Those abs are so chiseled and hot

87 Mary

Unlike most of the girls on the show, she is brains over beauty and devoted all her time to science. She actually wants to make a difference, and I like that. Most of the contestants just plan on using the money for selfish purposes.

Mary is great she actually wants to spend the money for science and prefers intelligence over beauty, I hope she returns and competes again!

I hope she comes back for another season to shine. I never really paid much attention to her and Ellody until the fourth episode. It was then that I realized how awesome they were in such a geeky way. Boom.

88 Miles

I like her more than Laurie because she cares about the world unlike Laurie who cares about the money

She is a true vegan and I love and respect her

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89 Mickey

I think the twins were great characters in TDRR, and I was sad when they got kicked. Especially since it was before certain other characters, like the rockers and stepbrothers. Sure they had some funny interactions and points to explore, but as the characters in general, I thought Mickey and Jay deserved to get more screen time. - paganomd

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92 Irene
93 Leonard

Leonard is just plain weird. He is the craziest character on the show and I can't help disliking him

Leonard is the worst total drama character ever she is stupid he think he is a wizard when we has back 4 rr I wanted to smash my head in a wall

He is hilarious with his wizard thing

I Santa Leonard to win one millón dollars

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94 Topher

I hate him he's so annoying

Topher is such a funny character trying to be just like Chris and spending more time with Chris than doing challenges - DinoKea

Topher is a worst interpretation of Sierra

Tofer sucks by the way is he the host of the race?

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95 Fang

Love fang! Go on and eat Scott big shark!

Don't eat scott he is one of my favorite

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96 Beardo

Beardo is one of my favorites, he is better than Ezekiel and Staci - Yona_db

So many people hate Beardo when he's actually quite cool. He's funny sounds are hilarious. Please put him in another season!

Beardo is a more entertaining character than people give him credit for. He appears in only one episode but his sound effects are just awesome all through it - DinoKea

He is #87? :( - Yona_db

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97 Carrie

Voiced by the person who plays Bridgette. She is going to be a new player in: total drama presents: the ridiculous race

So kind, loyal and she even became friends with someone you'd never think she'd be friends with, Ryan. Please vote for her!

Shes really cute and sweet and I think she could make it at least to the merge.

I like Carrie because I think that she's so cool. I also like Zoey,Sky,Courtney,Mike,Duncan,Scott,Ella,Devin,& Dave too. But Carrie is in my top four. Go Carrie! I hope they put her & Sky in another season with Zoey & Courtney too.

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98 Jo

Jo is AWESOME even though she you used dumb lightning.

! I love jo! But some one on goanimate hates her because in season 5 episode 2, she pushed heather in the crab pit

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99 Aiden

I am the best one ha ha ha vote for me

100 Josh

Why is he on here? He isn't or ever was a contestant.

Can't be on this list never played

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