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101 Amy

Amy is my favorite and needs to come back. She needs to win the million dollars. Sometimes being evil does pay off, look at Heather who won World Tour.

Amy is the best

She isn't that bad! She was originally bossy to Samey but now she can stand at her and this is good! Right?

She rocks! - PineapplePrism

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102 Blaineley Stacy Andrews O'Hallaran (Mildred)

Ma ma make me si-ick

I always forget that she was a contestant. She just didn't leave an impact on me I guess.

Was and still is my favorite character

She is stupid, annoying, revolting,dumb,crazy and a real b ch

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103 Dave

I really liked Dave through most of the season, but I really don't like where the writers brought his character for the finale. Even then that's not to say that he deserves to be NINETY-THIRD out of NINETY-FOURTH on this list. How is Mr. Coconut and Josh higher up?

(Man does this fanbase hate Dave) - paganomd

You people are overlooking his innocence in all of this. How would you like it if the girl you were chasing had boyfriend the whole time, and you didn't know because she never bothered to tell you. Plus she stamped over his heart just because he was trying to impress her. Overreacts much?

Even Chris realizes how mean that was and he's the walking, talking human version of the word sadistic.

Dave was great before he got food poisoned. I even thought he was going to win. After he got food poisoned I started hating him for what he did with Sky

In the first 5 or 6 episodes I thought that Dave was a really great character but in hurl and go seek he became a monster

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104 Staci

She is an idiotic little twerp

What a loud mouth idiot! Her hair is dorky and her fashion sense is a walking nightmare! She is also the biggest liar!

She is so annoying but I think that it would be hilarious for her to interact with heather

She is one of my favorite characters! Definitely in my top ten contestants! - PineapplePrism

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