Top 10 Best Total Drama Characters

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101 Jacques

He's so arrogant and goofy that it's never a dull moment with him around.

He was awesome and funny

He is awesome! - PineapplePrism

So awesesome and so smoking hot when he is shirtless! Those abs are so chiseled and hot

102 Mary

Unlike most of the girls on the show, she is brains over beauty and devoted all her time to science. She actually wants to make a difference, and I like that. Most of the contestants just plan on using the money for selfish purposes.

Mary is great she actually wants to spend the money for science and prefers intelligence over beauty, I hope she returns and competes again!

I hope she comes back for another season to shine. I never really paid much attention to her and Ellody until the fourth episode. It was then that I realized how awesome they were in such a geeky way. Boom.

103 Miles

I like her more than Laurie because she cares about the world unlike Laurie who cares about the money

She is a true vegan and I love and respect her

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105 Stephanie

Ryan x Stephanie

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