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1 Dawn

Sweet girl who shouldn't have been eliminated - Irank

Dawn is just so kind. Too bad she was eliminated early. Why would total drama do this to her? :'(

SO OVERRATED she used to be a very underrated person and I loved her but people got to upset and made her super Overrated and People rueind ( I can not spell) her for me.

She is so cool and down to earth. And I like her fashion sense especially her swimming outfit: light purple pajamas, nice! Best dawn couples:
1. Dawn and TDI Noah (5 Stars)
2. Dawn and Scott (4 stars )
3. Dawn and B (3 star)

2 Mike

Mike is my TD crush - Irank

Mike is just such an amazing character! I really enjoyed watching him struggle with his multiple personalities. They added a lot of character to the story. Also when he had the battle inside his mind it was extremely epic! I love shows that mess with the mind! Not to mention that I really like his alternate personalities especially Spetlana!

Mike is so great! He was smart, kind, funny, and was one of the characters I actually liked! He was great at coping with his disorder and was kind to everyone he met. I love thins character and I really hope I can see him in some other season. Also I love Mal, Chester, Svetlana, Vito, Manitoba, and Mike himself. I welcome them into my cartoon hall of fame! Mal... Perfect.

I am Obsessed with him, I have 10 posters of him, My I Phone screen saver is of all his personalities, and another home screen saver for it of Vito And Mike
I Love Svetlana, Vito, Manitoba Smith, Chester but most of all MIKE! He is Hot, and smart! I LOVE MIKE! ♥

3 Zoey

Zoey is really cool, beautiful and sweet - Irank

I liked ger this season but she became bland in all stars

I absolutely love Zoey! She is so cool. She won the million dollars in All Stars. She is so awesome.

Zoey rocks. Even though she may be a loner. She is so nice, cool, and awesome.
One of her best quotes is "HEY! Keep your lips off him! "
Mike X Zoey

4 Brick

He's should be on #1...
Two words: I dunno!
Sadly I see him ship with Jo...JOCK?!?!? EW I ship Brick and Dawn
Lastly, Jo shouldn't be mean towards him, I mean, come on! He's a soldier and that disrespectful! - MikeandZoey

At first, I thought that Brick was going to be like Duncan. But when I noticed that he's much more disciplined than that rebel due to his being boot camp, I grew to respect him.

Even though I don't agree with everything about Brick, I wish that he was never chivalrous to Jo. Besides, she was a jerk to him and he has more discipline than her.

Since Brick was trained as a soldier, I bet that he could win in a physical fight against Jo, Duncan, Lightning, Scott, or any other character.

I'm also glad that this guy respects Cameron, whom I can relate to at certain times. Why, I wish that he defended that nerd against Jo.

Really nice - Irank

Brick is such a total sweet-heart and I think he should be higher up. My favorite quote "What's wrong? Can't take the smell of WAR! "

5 B

Due to the fact that he has never spoken, lack of background information, and his relatively short time on the show, very little is actually known about B. One thing that can be deduced is that his intelligence level is through the roof, leading to the production of many impressive creations throughout his short time on the show. This is especially visible in his audition tape. He is able to make the best of any situation and overall is a very useful asset to one's team. He comes across as very relaxed in demeanor and takes pride in his brains. The exact reason that B never speaks is currently unknown. On some occasions, he has opened his mouth but gets cut off, such as during his elimination or his audition tape. This suggests that B has no real problem with speech; he just prefers to stay quiet.

B was smart, caring and kind.
Scott was horrible towards him - Irank

"B is the best! He doesn't even have to talk and he is still cool! He is my favorite because he always has a solution to every problem. My favorite B quote is " ""

Although I'm glad that you like B as I do, I wish that you wouldn't think of him as funny. How can you find him funny when he doesn't say anything? Are you that desperate for humor? It's as if people like you are addicted to laughter wile I'm not as I favor seriousness in this day and age.

Two of the reasons that I like B are his intelligence and his ability to refrain from talking a lot. And those are traits that I also have, especially since most people cater to humor-obsessed extroverts more than serious-minded and intelligent introverts. And so, I favor introverts over extroverts, especially since I've been antagonized by extroverts when I was younger.

B was the BEST

6 Dakota

I love Dakota. She is so cute and hot. She's also nice and caring, and such a sweetheart. She's just so adorable. Same with her best friend, Zoey.

I love Dakota! She's so adorable/pretty. But I hated how they made her all mutant and stuff. Couldn't she have stayed the same? Also, Chris was so jealous of how much MORE attention Dakota got than him.

Dakota is the prettiest girl on this show, and I love her voice. It's so pretty to listen to. She is my favorite character from that season! I hope she comes back as a human. She did not deserve what happened to her at all.

Why isn't she in the top 10? Her, Courtney, and Gwen are my all-time favorites. She's hilarious, fabulous, and all around STUNNING!

7 Scott

Ok, okay I gotta admit he's was hilarious in All-Stars.
I just like his fear of sharks and every time he sees Fangs, he starts to scream, and I'm just laughing my butt off when he screams - MikeandZoey

Every show has a hilarious character and a villain. Scott is both. that's why he is my favorite ROTI character.

"Although scott may be a total jerk and user he is a good competitor and he makes the cutest couple with dawn and he is my favorite because he makes me laugh all the time he's in the cfessional place and. He is also human and the only reason I dislike him is because he is evil and he is totally my favorite charaacter so ya and he is so funny the way he is always tricking fang lolz I hate chris and the others when the laugh at him and make him cry so sad :("

You're such a hypocrite and here are how:

1. You claim that Scott's your favorite character but that the only reason you dislike him is evil.

2. You claimed that you don't want the other characters in this show laughing at him but can't stand his being evil.

What Scott doesn't make him human. If a person's that evil, eh or she is an excuse for a human.

I hate Scott for all the bad things that he did just as I hate you for thinkin' that he's funny. How would you feel if he did all those things to ...more

Scott should be on Total Drama All Stars along with: Dawn, Lightning, Sam, Dakota, Brick, Mike, Zoey, Jo, Cameron, and Staci. I think Scott may have a character change and I wish for him to be out of the Trauma Chair as well as Alejandro in the Drama Machine and I also, hope that him and Dawn get together as a couple. Plus, I want him to be friends with: Noah, Mike, Zoey, Tyler, B, Lightning, Sam, Dakota, Brick, Duncan, Justin, Alejandro, and Jo after he's apologized and changed.

8 Sam

He is just like my friend at school, except my friend has green eyes and WAY skinnier (maybe even underweight? ) But any way Sam is probably my favourite guy character my favourite girl might be dawn

Sam the nice guy gamer has so many helpful things what happened in run away model Sam should've won for his team and mike would get the boot And don't even get me started on food fright

Sam is super cool who knew total drama would make a character just like me :D

Proof that gamers can be good at things other than playing games

9 Lightning

How is the lightning behind these peasants

Better in Revenge of the Island. He sucks in All-Stars or should I say Lose-Stars

Lightning I think was the best character on the show if only not the only good character. Cameron is good I guess, Zoey is okay, and Mike would've been fine if it weren't for that stupid personality thing he has which made no sense and was beyond stupid. I really only liked Lightning, Brick, Cameron, Scott, and that's about it. Everyone else sucked.

Lightning's awesome! My favorite Revenge of the Island Character! Funniest character and love his style of him being buff! Favorite quote of lightning is.

"It's cool, lightning don't judge".

10 Anne Maria Anne Maria

Anne Maria
" Die Blondie"
" Don't Touch The Hair"
" If You Touch The Poof, I Touch You"
" What You Say Too Me"
" Oh, Vito"
"Wearing a Go-go Dress From The 60's"

Very, very pretty, however, she often is shallow. EXcept a few times like when she tried to get Jo air.

Anne Maria is based off Snooki, has a great sense of fun, tanning, makeup, and the poof!

Anne maria is a the best character I no


The Contenders

11 Cameron


Nice guy - Irank

I'm glad that Cam's in this list. Even though I don't agree with everything that he did, I sometimes sympathize with him due to my being picked on by bullies a lot. Hell, I wish that he got back at Jo for all the crap that she gave him just as Harold got back at Duncan for all that that delinquent gave that first nerd.

When I watched my first recording of this season (finders creepers) I saw how weak this guy is. He's as weak as a ant. This guy went to the second place on my favorite's list.

12 Jo

She's like Eva, but more...AMAZING! - MikeandZoey

Even though Jo has some good intentions, she's still always will be my least favorite character in this show due to her bullying. Hell, I hate her for the same reasons that I hate ever.

It sickens me that she went too far with her aggression like what her counterpart did. Seriously, what the hell is it with extreme feminism and bullying? I hate it when she bullied Cameron, who I happen to like (but only to a certain extant). I remember being bullied for being a nerd and I hate it.

If anyone asks me, all jocks and other bullies should stop pickin' on nerds 'cause those victims of theirs could one day rise up against them.

If I'm Brick, I'd beat the crap outta her and her lovers.

I like Jo because she never gives up and is aggressive but I already know who the final two are lightning and Cameron but I don't know who gonna win I'm cheering for lightning I hate Scott he got dawn out but she really did nothing and then mike gets out because. Scott found the head of Chris thingy and he picked mike

Jo and Gwen are my absolute faveourite characters in total drama. I still like Jo, I know she bullies a LOT but I actually cried when she got voted off in TDRI. I was like, "NOOO! Jo! Why?! Jo DESERVES to win! Kind of." Gwen is cool too. And she got so close to winning in total drama island, I almost barfed all over the television screen, I was so upset when she lost. Trent helped her through though, by carrying a rock and running with her. I'm sure that's NOT something Jo would do. I also kinda like Scott... So, yeah. Jo should be number ONE!

13 Staci

Her talking annoyed me but I kinda felt sorry for her - Irank

Most say she is annoying, but she is so funny!

Staci is so kind, funny, and awesome. She's just cool like that.

Where the shell is staci

14 Izzy

She is from total drama revenge of the island. She was on the first episode and more

Huh? A Non-TDRI Contestant is on the list? Weird. - KyleMan2000

E-scope, a bear, a polar bear, explosivo, izzy the gopher, pshycho hose beast, esquire, my little izzy, but now a spider! And an Indian plungind bows and arrows at chef! Cool! I love Total Drama Izzy.

Izzy is ausome I think I like exbosivi and brainzilla the mozt
But also with the new season starting I think mike is like izzy so it will be interesting!

15 Vito

I don't like how he broke zoey's heart but he was super hilarious especially on his first appearance - Irank

Ew, I hate him...ruined Zoke... smh - MikeandZoey

Vito is hilarious and so cute. he's a bad boy and does what he wants. sadly this makes it difficult for poor mike

16 Gwen

Gwen's appearance, awesome! - Gwuncan

I loved when Gwen made an appearance!

I lurrrvvee Gwen! She is the most good looking contestant on the show, and, like, she made it so far in total drama island. I LITERALLY died all over the T.V. when fatso (Owen) beat her! :-/

She would've won season one had it not been for everybody else supporting Owen. - NicholasYellow


17 Bridgette Bridgette


It says Revenge Of The Island, but yeah, she played a cameo - Gehenna

Bridgette is sweet, nice funny, and not to mention clumsy as heck! What reason isn't there to like bridgette? Plus shes capable of putting up with captain hollywood (A.K. A Geoff)

18 Duncan

People who like Duncan are dumb-assed lairs who fail to see what a ' jerk. Those who support his antagonism shoudld go bye-bye with him. I hate that he picked on Harold, although I'm glad that that nerd got back at him.

Speaking of nerds, I remember picked on many bullies for being a nerd. Therefore, I hate those creeps with all my heart and want them gone forever along with their supporters. If this world didn't have nerds, the planet would fall into disorder and ignorance.

Totally Awesome - Gwuncan


19 Manitoba Smith

My favorite Mike personality.


Manitoba has a nice Australian accent and is skilled as Indianna Jones.Can this guy get more awesome?

I love Manitoba's womanizing and flirting. he is by far the smartest and most cocky. and he apparently has a wife in Yukon

20 Cody

Awesome this dude is hilarious even when he's around Sierra HATS off to Cody!

Cody is really funny even when he's around Sierra

Cody is an awesome guy! I like him.


21 Heather

"I loved how she tried to steal the one million bucks! "

Would you love it if she tried to steal them from you? What if that's your money? Would still love her? If you do, then don't blame me once you end up poor.

Heather had the best guest appearance ever. I loved how she tried to steal the one million bucks! Cameron and Zoey rocked that challenge.

First of all why is dawn at the top she did nothing in her season heather did a lot of stuff in her season

22 Ezekiel

They should make ezekiel go back to his normal non-monster self like he was before World Tour and have him not come in last place in a season.

Ezekiel and Anne Maria

What can I say about this guy hmmm maybe him being A MONSTER

23 Mr. Coconut

Mr coconut is Owens soul mate! But is probably not enough for all stars since it's not even... ALIVE gosh Owen!

Mr cokunut was not really a contestant and also I wouldn't say that scot was in fourth place. It's just some feedback! Other then that good job your right about the rest of the characters and I agree with you on most of them

Why is this even on her? It wasn't a contestant.

I meant here instead of her

24 Svetlana

I love svetlana because she is so flexible and inspirational. I also love her personality. she is so kind and caring and seems to be the least evil one out of mikes personalities (excluding mike)

My favourite personality then Manitoba

How the heck is she lower than Staci?

Svetlana is probably the best personality.She is the most athletic personality of Mike and has the best voice of any character.She just sounds so focused

1 Comment
25 Tyler
26 Eva

Only one cameo

27 Courtney
28 Sierra

She loves Cody, Chris, and internet. She is the biggest fan ever in the whole wide world. Her dream is to marry Cody.

Sierra is gorgeous! I love her hair!

29 Lindsay

This is what makes Lindsay a good character in total drama HOW SHE IS SO DUMB and that's the joke! With out Lindsay total drama would be Nothing

30 Owen

It is hard not to like this guy. Plus, he was trying to see why his friends were not in the season at all which made Chris set an explosive on him to fly back to the camp de losers.

31 Sadie

Sadie is really lovable as well and beautiful

I wish Sadie was on this season!

Most of these characters aren't from tdroti

32 Leshawna Leshawna

THIS GIrL she is so SASSY but she is a pretty entertaining character in total drama BUT she was not enough for ALL STARS due to her not being so popular YOU WERE RIGHT HEATHER

33 Trent

Trent is amiable and has a intrest of music who would not love a guy like him?

Trent? This far down on the list? How could this be?! Oh yes, he played up in total drama action, and, oh yeah, his white outfits in TDWT, like in blainerific.

34 Chef

Chef is funny at times!

35 Chester

He's my 2nd favorite personalities...
MISS CANADA! ~ - MikeandZoey

Chester sucks the least out of Mike's personalities. - Puga

By far the best multiple personality of mike

Chester is so funny. I love how he is a pesimist and always compares modern life to 'his day'. my favorite chester moment is when he sings miss Canada.

36 DJ
37 Chris

Chris is not the nicest person you'll ever meet.

38 Fang

If you don't know who fang is, he is that shark that chases Scott a lot I like how he does that. If I was a contestant I would be friends with him

When I saw Fang, I thought you were talking about a Maximum Ride character! I was like wait... WHAT!

I appreciate Fang and all the good deeds he did for us Scott haters out there! Go Fang!

I think that deserves fang to chase almost every de to him taking his tooth

Fang was one of those characters we never got to see and makes Scott funny

39 Katie

Katie is beautiful as well.

She is so lovable.

She is so sweet

40 Harold
41 Geoff

Geoff is the man! I can't wait for him to throw another one of his famous parties!

42 Beth
43 Crazy Panda Bear

OK, this is just getting ridiculous
"Best total drama REVENGE OF THE ISLAND characters"
Revenge of the island had 14 (I think) characters so there should only be 17 (Inc. Chris, chef and fang)
Crazy panda bear is (unless memory fails) a one off character from total drama world tour

44 Blaineley
45 Cheri

Who is this girl? - MikeandZoey

46 Samey Samey
47 Rodney

Rodney is the best!

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