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21 Duncan

People who like Duncan are dumb-assed lairs who fail to see what a ' jerk. Those who support his antagonism shoudld go bye-bye with him. I hate that he picked on Harold, although I'm glad that that nerd got back at him.

Speaking of nerds, I remember picked on many bullies for being a nerd. Therefore, I hate those creeps with all my heart and want them gone forever along with their supporters. If this world didn't have nerds, the planet would fall into disorder and ignorance.

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22 Cody

Awesome this dude is hilarious even when he's around Sierra HATS off to Cody!

Cody is really funny even when he's around Sierra

Cody is an awesome guy! I like him.


23 Mr. Coconut

Mr coconut is Owens soul mate! But is probably not enough for all stars since it's not even... ALIVE gosh Owen!

Mr cokunut was not really a contestant and also I wouldn't say that scot was in fourth place. It's just some feedback! Other then that good job your right about the rest of the characters and I agree with you on most of them

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24 Sierra

She loves Cody, Chris, and internet. She is the biggest fan ever in the whole wide world. Her dream is to marry Cody.

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25 Lindsay

This is what makes Lindsay a good character in total drama HOW SHE IS SO DUMB and that's the joke! With out Lindsay total drama would be Nothing

26 Owen

It is hard not to like this guy. Plus, he was trying to see why his friends were not in the season at all which made Chris set an explosive on him to fly back to the camp de losers.

27 Chris

Chris is not the nicest person you'll ever meet.

28 Tyler
29 Eva
30 Sadie

Sadie is really lovable as well and beautiful

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31 Leshawna

THIS GIrL she is so SASSY but she is a pretty entertaining character in total drama BUT she was not enough for ALL STARS due to her not being so popular YOU WERE RIGHT HEATHER

32 Chef

Chef is funny at times!

33 DJ
34 Katie V 3 Comments
35 Courtney
36 Harold
37 Trent

Trent? This far down on the list? How could this be?! Oh yes, he played up in total drama action, and, oh yeah, his white outfits in TDWT, like in blainerific.

38 Geoff

Geoff is the man! I can't wait for him to throw another one of his famous parties!

39 Beth
40 Crazy Panda Bear

OK, this is just getting ridiculous
"Best total drama REVENGE OF THE ISLAND characters"
Revenge of the island had 14 (I think) characters so there should only be 17 (Inc. Chris, chef and fang)
Crazy panda bear is (unless memory fails) a one off character from total drama world tour

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