Best Toto Songs

The Top Ten Best Toto Songs

1 Africa

Not just Best Toto Song. It's one of the best songs ever made. Amazing vocals, instrumental and live performance

The vocals and instruments for this song are absolutely amazing

Who else went to this list, knowing Africa would be number one, and just wanted to see how many percent of the votes it had?

The greatest song I’ve ever heard Brings back so many memories of the time

2 Hold the Line

By far the best Toto song of them all, never fails to get me in the mood!

A song with all the elements to be a great song : guitar, beautiful voice, rhythm, piano,...

Unlike Africa, THIS is the song that best sumarizes what Toto is. Africa is excellent, brilliant! But has to be behind Hold The Line.

Their first single managed to be a great hit

3 Rosanna

Such a fun song that is instrumentally incredible. Great groove and the piano/guitar solo jam at the end is next level.

Best song ever
I find it by listen some garage band in a park
My skin and the heart from all my body change when I listened it.
The only bad thing is that is so long

This song should be number two in my opinion. The piano and guitar are just awesome. The first time I heard it I fell in love with it. This song never gets old. The lyrics are so meaningful and amazing.

I still listen to this song and feels like I'm hearing it for the first time! Never gets old!

4 Georgy Porgy

What to say, an excellent song, putting the emphasis on the wonderful rhythm section that characterized Toto from its inception. Possibly the funkiest, smoothest hit by the band.

The more funky side of toto!

They were better doing the blue eyed soul thing than the soft 80s pop rock thing. great tune.

A song that is very smooth and flowing. A song to defidently remember.

5 I Won't Hold You Back

Greatest ballad of all time. Luke's vocals and songwriting at their best. Always was ironic to have one of rock's greatest Axe Men singing a live song like this one.

Everything about this song is great! The lyrics and Steve's voice move my soul!

Absolutely a most beautiful love song! So deeply passionate and genuine! Voice and music a perfect10!

A classic in my book, vocals are tremendous and soulful,.. Please put it on replay for me.

6 Stop Loving You

A perfectly structured song, musicians at their best. This song has a little bit of everything (Yes!? )

Bought it when it came out, still listening to it today. No more needs to be said...

By far the best "pop rock" song Toto has...great song to hear live. Joseph Williams vocals are amazing.

I'll never stop listening to this song! It never gets old. Such a feel good vibe

7 Make Believe

The heart of vice city: emotion 98.3

Takes me back to being a teenager. This band has it all the best vocals, the best musicians. They just don't make music like this anymore.

Always loved this song. Made me feel like anything was possible. Great band!

8 I'll Be Over You

This should be number two. Beautifully sad!

I agree for this to be number Two

It stop man anger

I love this song!

9 I'll Supply the Love

It has a nice pop and rock beat to it that makes it a very good song to listen to. Definitely Toto all over this song.

The best toto song.

Should be number ONE. Excellent change-ups. And I don't have it on my Best Of CD. Move it up

10 Stranger in Town

Really moody, atmospheric song. Unlike anything else they've done. Great clip with a pre-Chucky Brad Dourif too.

Loved the video. I had this on 45 and played it over and over.

Great song they don't play many of their best songs live

The Contenders

11 Only the Children

This should've been the 1st single from the seventh one album, It shows what Toto sounds like live in concert, Plus it's got "Hit" written all over it! But the record company made them release "Pamala" which sounded too much like "Can't stop loving you", The band wanted to do more then ballads!

Actually a really great song. Why don't they play it on stage.

One of the best songs! Everyone should use it as their ringingsound as I do :-)) I love it!

12 99

One of Toto's very best, it came on at the brink of the eighties to give Toto a leg up to "A" list status. The long version from the original album is the only one to listen to as the subtle nuances that made this song so great are all there.

I think 99 should be top 10 at least

This should be much higher!

Should be in top ten if not top 5

13 Pamela

I love the enthusiastic rhythm in this song

Joe has some pipes, enough said

The best song EVER

The begining of this song was brilliant

14 Angela

This song is so beautiful. How is it only 30th? It should at least be in the top 10, probably in the top 5.

This song ends the awesome Toto (1) by rocking out.In fact the whole album rocks!

This song really rocks out...ending the awesome Toto(1) on a high note.

15 Love Has the Power
16 I Will Remember

This one should be in top ten, at least. Good text, great melody and arrangement, top production.

This should really by in the top 5. This and Lea should be pushed further up the ladder.

Should be in Top 10. Wonderful song


17 Mushanga

When I close my eyes and listen to this song, I feel totally relaxed. In my eyes Totos best song.

Simply great song, great album

18 Lovers In the Night
19 Lea

The best song and my favorite song of Toto! This song is so perfect and lovely.

Love to a person is the great thing

This is my best song by toto

Absolutely beautiful song. I love SL's guitar in Lea and really wish it were less produced and simpler bringing out the guitar more! But, IL this song!

20 On the Run

This song is crazy good, It is a very difficult song to play on any instrument ( Believe me I would know). When I saw them live it was by far the best song that they played. Rock on Toto!

Best song to start any concert. Hidden gem in Toto's arsenal

21 Holyanna

What?!? This is number 1!

22 Could This Be Love
23 Afraid of Love

This is a great rock song. I like everything about this, and the beginning is just amazing!

24 Child's Anthem
25 Don't Chain My Heart

It's just a good song, because steve is singing it.
It's his song.

26 Gypsy Train

One of their best tunes of all time. I lve Luke's axe work along with Jeff's drms. Very cool.

27 Only You

How come so many songs of Toto are just hidden from people? There are so many of them that are truly masterpieces.

Very addictive song can't stop playing it and singing along.

28 Takin' It Back
29 Goodbye Elenore
30 Falling in Between

This song is just flat out awesome, it is the heavy side of Toto. Also it was amazing when they played it live at Chastain Park Amphitheatre.

31 Caught in the Balance

This song is too underrated. It has the best chorus. You should hear it in the Falling in Between (Live Concert) album

32 Bottom of Your Soul

This song is so underrated. It has more feels than most Toto songs, and that's really saying something. It is very powerful.

33 Home of the Brave

It's a great song and I have no idea why it's not even on this list.

Toto rocks out big time...a really uplifting patriotic song!

Hey! Whats this... Not Even on the top ten...
This must be one of their best live-songs...

34 English Eyes

Great song, great voice, great riff!

I agree, Toto when they rock

This is one of the best guitar riffs ever. I prefere Toto when they rock!

Toto:s best song from one of their best albums, Turn back.

35 Orphan

Love this song! It is real, touches the heart, and with the melody, vocals, and love that has gone into it. One of the best, for sure!

36 Hydra

The opening to what could have been a great prog concept album if they hadn't 'chickened out' after two tracks.

One of Toto's most Prog-Rock songs, Imagine a Metal version of Pink Floyd, Steve Lukather comes into his own on this classic, Even if it's a bit long it never feel's like it is, It takes you on this roller coaster ride!

37 St. George and the Dragon

Fantastic underrated song, great theme and melody plus brilliant guitar work. So glad it's going to be on the new live DVD.

One of THE BEST Toto songs ever!

38 Wings of Time

Number 32? This is such an awesome song. It's actually quite hard to pick a best Toto song, but this deserves to be in the Top 10 at least. Just because this is associated so much with Jeff's death it deserves to be far up there. And then the instrumentals, Steve Lukather awesome as always, great lyrics and awesome guitar solo.
Our love doesn't end here, it lives forever on the wings of time...

39 Straight for the Heart
40 Girl Goodbye

This song has such power. The lead vocalist pours his soul into that which is this song.

Crazy vocals, crazy rhythm, very powerful song.

41 Good for You

Literally the most underrated toto song

42 All Us Boys
43 All the Tears That Shine
44 The Other Side

Best song ever

One of my most favorite songs by toto of all time. Such hautingly great vocals by Luke

45 Lorraine
46 A Thousand Years

Absolutely the best Toto song in my opinion. Weird and mystical!

Great tune

Great song

47 Unknown Soldier (For Jeffrey)

A song from their latest album and for me the best from that album, such a great song. It is made for Jeff Pocaro (The original drummer in TOTO, died sadly in 1992) The start is so beautiful! Lukes singing is amazing

48 The Other End of Time.

Great ballad!


49 How Does It Feel

Such tenderness from Steve Lukather in his word of vocals. It should've been his hit for Toto after Stranger in Town.

50 I Think I Could Stand You Forever

Great song elements of seventies British Rock

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