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21 MGA Entertainment

I have seen Bratz The Movie (2007) a few times over and over on DVD in which their own trademark appeared. - playstationfan66

They created BRATZ, Lalaloopsy, and many more!

MGA Entertainment tried to rip off Furby. Bratz is a ripoff of Barbie. Period. - RaccoonCartoon

How is Bratz creators number 18. This should be mumber one or at least above Mattel! Mattel copied bratz with MyScene and monster High. This should be higher than Mattel

22 Radio Flyer

So many iconic toys came from radio flyer. The red wagon, the tricycle, the wooden sleds...

Moved to China

23 Wham-O

Fantastic toys in their day. Tremendous collectibility today. See what magic windows and fun fountains and super balls sell for today!

You must be joking. - Kaboom

Wham o has made some good toys sconce the 1860s such as the super ball

24 Tolo Toys


25 Takara Tomy

They created beyblade and B-daman

Yo they make better Bey blades than hasbro

26 K'Nex

This rocks all the time! From simple objects to complex locks to furniture, you can try everything on this!

This needs to be number 5 because these are great just like Lego there is no doubt at all

I love these creations


27 Diamond Select

Arguably the best Marvel high quality showcase/action figure line out-there, besides various other pieces: busts & statues, collectibles, merchandise, minimates, retro figures, neon signs, etc. All of witch have a great variety collection of pop culture properties like: Marvel, Marvel vs Capcom, DC, The Walking Dead, Sin City, Kill Bill, Ghostbusters,
Star Treck, Star Wars, Aliens, Universal Monsters, ThunderCats, TMNT, Street Fighter, Tomb Raider, Plants vs Zombies, you NAME it!

For both children and adults merchandise/action figure collectors alike!

28 Hot Wheels

Nothing says extreme racing and metal crunching crashes than the awesome miniature metal racers known as hot wheels, nothing can do loops like them, nothing can jump gorges like them, nothing can... okay I made that last one up but nothing can reach such speeds like them

They got real life cars, cars from movies/games, beastly off-road cars, trucks. I'm 17 and I still have Hot wheels and I am currently collecting Hot wheels in a nice glass case.

Too expensive. - Kaboom

I collect these car old and new

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29 Build-A-Bear Workshop

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I have made a Build-A-Bear before, and the service and experiences are amazing! I'm also getting a 'Promise Pets' puppy!

I have 2 of their plushes, wished I would get more but they are expensive

This is such a good company my kids love it how is this not number 1!

Amazing Company, their training is bar none! The guest service is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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30 American Girl

This is such a good company! They should be #1!

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31 Just Play

The Lion Guard Nala Figure.

32 Moose

Awesome toys to play with so awesome!

They make toys that are enjoyable.

This is just as bad as whamo - Kaboom

I LOVE MOOSE! Moose is so awesome! My favorite toy from Moose is NUM NOMS! I love NUM NOMS! I love NUM NOMS because NUM NOMS are adorable and NUUM NOMS smell like happiness feels! (;

33 Schleich

Schleich is honestly the best toy company I've ever bought from; the figurines they sell are each beautifully detailed and unique, since they are hand painted!

Schleich sell amazingly detailed figurines that are durable, but hard

Each figurine is a work of art! I collect them

Schleich deserves to be higher on this list, it should be 8th 0r 9th place because they have beautiful toys with very nice detail

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34 Kawaii Crush

They are so cute. I have 2

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35 WowWee

Search for this list best wowwee robots - Minecraftisawesone

36 McFarlane Toys

Currently owned by Todd McFarlane (who also runs a successful film & animation studio which is McFarlane Productions and licensed the Spawn characters to New Line Cinema and HBO Home Entertainment). - playstationfan66

One of my favorite toy companies ever very good quality and deserves to be number 1 they also have great detail in the figures

Excellent highly detailed figurines...just too bad the don't make baseball figures no import dragons has the mlb license...and they are crap...

37 Crayola

Products don't work and wear out every 5 seconds. - Kaboom

Crayons is a little artist dream!

Ever heard of Jazzy Jewelry? It's made by Crayola/Hallmark and featured Melissa Joan Hart in its' commercials. It's made just for G-I-R-L-S. - shelleyduvallfan10

Lets pait

38 Samsung Samsung Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. Its primary products are apparel, chemicals, consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors, ships, telecommunications equipment.

They also did most of the apparel which are made just for girls. - shelleyduvallfan10

This isn't a toy company. Who put thishere? - Kaboom

39 Turtle Rock Studios
40 Air Hogs

They are just the marketing name Spin Master uses. Check my complaints about Spin Master. - Kaboom

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