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41 Sony Computer Entertainment
42 Play Arts Kai V 1 Comment
43 Uglydoll

They licensed their characters to Gamewright (a board game division of Ceaco). - playstationfan66

44 S.H. MonsterArts

Great service and high quality sculpts with impressive paint work.

45 Moose Toys

Amazing, it's an absolutely AMAZING toy company! Me and my daughter love to play with them!

V 1 Comment

This is a game changer. Profits help support new GeS Network to prevent abuse to women and children worldwide.

47 Ninja Bears
48 HIT Entertainment
49 ThreeA

Figures can run up to $500. Most work has a rusted steam-punk look.

50 Tatty Teddy
51 SoccerStarz

This is the number one collectable soccer figurine in the world! previously called micro
stars. Relaunched in 2012 as SoccerStarz by Creative Toys Company.

52 McFarlane Toys

Currently owned by Todd McFarlane (who also runs a successful film & animation studio which is McFarlane Productions and licensed the Spawn characters to New Line Cinema and HBO Home Entertainment). - playstationfan66

One of my favorite toy companies ever very good quality and deserves to be number 1 they also have great detail in the figures

53 Toy Biz

If there's Hasbro, there definitely should be Toy Biz, they are extremely good at Action Figures with there articulation so, Toy Biz

Great company but I think they were stopped but I never noticed before.

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54 Bandai

If it weren't for Bandai, the Sweet Valley High fashion dolls and Harumika fashion mannequins couldn't exist. Currently owned by Namco Bandai Games. - playstationfan66

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55 Lionel Toy Trains

I love loin all we get a new train ever year for around the tree

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