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21 Bo Peep

Bo is a really cool character shes not just a lamp she's a figure and here sheep are awesome

She really deserves her own classical film solo, doesn't she?

Screw Jessie the yodeling cowgirl!

Screw Jessie!

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22 Buttercup

I hate unicorns, but he is actually a good one.

23 Buster
24 Angel Kitty
25 Mr. Pricklepants
26 Hannah

I feel bad for her because her evil brother replaced her doll's head with a dinosaur's head. I still love that part in the movie because of her reaction.

Despite her brother's antics, she seems to be pretty normal.

Sid give my toy back

27 Dolly
28 Stinky Pete the Prospector Stinky Pete the Prospector
29 Albert "Al" McWhiggin

He sucks. He stole Woody.

Cheetos scene is truly art

30 Scud

Sid's bull terrier. He's mean, but still cool.

31 Barbie

I can't believe she would just THROW ME AWAY!

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32 Andy's Mother
33 Wizzie
34 Stinky Pete Stinky Pete

This is on here twice.

35 Totoro

Yes, Totoro cameoed. He's one of bonnies toys.

36 Babyhead

He Scared Me When I Was Little

The most memorable of Sid's toys

37 Lenny

The blue binoculars

38 Donkey
39 Mr. Shark

Look I'm Woody, howdy howdy howdy.

40 Molly Davis
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