Best Toy Story Movies

I know there are only four but since they're all really films, they deserve a list anyway.

The Top Ten Best Toy Story Movies

1 Toy Story 3

It's really hard to choose a favorite Toy Story movie, because they all have their own good qualities, messages, characters, and lines. But Toy Story 3 is what made these movies an amazing trilogy.

That and I adore Buzz and Jessie together.

I like the first one best, but this one is pretty good too. Why, oh why, do we have to grow up? I also think it's awesome that Sid, now grown up, appears briefly as a garbage man. Who would have thought?

The absolute best way to end a series... I literally cried in the ending

Yes! Its an amazing and great movie. The best animated movie of 2010

2 Toy Story

There was nothing like Toy Story before it was produced. Other than Tin Toy (Pixar’s first animation involving living toys), the producers had nothing to base the movie on.

YOU CANT KNOCK THE ORIGINAL! it had a truly great theme.

This is also number one on the best Pixar movies.

The first one will always be my favorite.

3 Toy Story 2

Toy story 2 like its original has a great blend of comedy and action that makes it a worthy sequel and definitely one of the greatest sequels.

It is obviously the best because it is the most entertaining and it has the best jokes.

I like this movie because it explains the past of woody, and it has the best jokes of all of them.

Of course this one is the best.

4 Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins

This is basically a spin-off.

Pretty good

Love it

Actually pretty good!
I actually really love this movie more than the other toy story movies which is really hard! (apart from toy story 2,that was terrible! )

5 Toy Story of Terror

This one is totally awesomne.


6 Toy Story 4

People saying stuff about diversity but when I saw the first Toy Story film in the 90s I just thought a movie about toys cool! I even got a toy from a Happy Meal. Played a Playstation Demo from a magazine.
Kids don't notice or care about the real world till they grow up. It's just watching a movie about toys to them, like I remember in the 90s.

I hope Sid appears in this one. He appears very briefly as a garbage man in Toy Story 3. I would like to see more of him, especially since he's older and changed greatly since the first movie. He should be in in the fourth with more screen time.

Not the best Toy Story but a good way to finish it!

Gabby Gabby is such a queen

7 Toy Story that Time Forgot
8 Partysaurus Rex

Very funny animated short

I've always found this short so entertaining!

9 Hawaiian Vacation

Only Good Part About Going To See Crap 2(AKA-Cars 2)

10 Small Fry

Pretty funny short

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