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21 Fidget Spinners

No. This should not be on here. It's actually one of the worst toys Ever! You can get easily distracted or even hurt.

Most popular this should be way higher

Best toys should be on the list u guys need addiction suckers

These are the most overrated toys of all time!

22 Littlest Pet Shop Pets

I love Littlest Pet Shop! The limited edition ones can be worth up to $200 dollars! Talk about a way to get money! - SheepBuggy

I LOVE lps 4evr!

Their the best toys ever there the only thing I play with

I used to adore the littlest pet shop when I was younger! I would sit on the floor and play with them forever! I am older now so I only kept a few that I played with the most. I still like the littlest pet shop fish;). I just didn't like the new ones I only liked the old ones!

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23 Mr. Potato Head

I like them in Toy Story.

Childhood! We had them at my Preschool. - SheepBuggy

True childhood! just creative!

Other old goodie. - Loosername

24 Chixos

Chixos were the BEST toys ever. I can only find eBay ones.

Everyone wanted to play with chixos in second grade. Heres the news: I met a friend by lettinmg her use one and everyone including boys played and the girl showed me her friends and that is how I got a life!

25 Mario Characters

Yeah! I also love the games. - SheepBuggy

Still sleep with my Mario Plush sometimes. - Loosername

I want a bowser toy!

I used a chixos person as a mario toy. The collectuon I love. Itys is so amazing and easy ton find casuse nobody wants it like Sonic and chixos is beast but half of y'all probably don't know that.

26 R/C Cars
27 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figures

Oh come on this could be way up higher every body loved playing with these like all the machines the if you had these you loved them no one beats the fab four

It should be higher, everybody loved these

28 WWE Action Figures

I have like 60 of these things.

I love these I collect them

29 Dollhouses

Once I saw a Dollhouse at a vintage shop, it was absolutely covered with stickers! Imagination is the key to some of these things. - SheepBuggy

I don't like these. All you do is have a pretend family, and use your imagination to play with them, and have their own lives. But I would like customizing, and painting one, though.

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30 Nerf Blasters
31 Mortal Kombat Action Figures

The Best! - mood333

32 Thundercats
33 Furby

Furby is cute with a side of a mind of it's own! - TheRobertsFamily3

Furbys are demons! If you don't feed them they'll go insane, and probably eventually still will go insane no matter what! Plus, if you don't take care of them, they'll die, which is depressing for kids. This is what've I've heard so far from my friends with Furby's, and I'm sure there's a whole load of more problems! Wouldn't you rather have a normal stuffed animal that doesn't die or kill you when you don't feed them?

Furby can't die. What are you talking about? And they don't go insane either. - RaccoonCartoon

It's cute but very annoying, especially it's crazy personality.

I love Furbys! - RaccoonCartoon

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34 Beanie Babies

Pretty cute! My sister has a blue bear one called ariel, she calls ariel moe, it's so funny!

My favourite was the white and pink rabbit named Gardenia. I got it when I was 6 and I still have it! - SheepBuggy

The best toys ever! (Besides littlest pet shop and webkinz)

I love these stuffed animals! There so cute!

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35 Dragon Ball Z Figures

Used to play with these for hours!

36 K'nex Mario Kart

Amazing these cars needs batteries - Minecraftisawesone

37 Hot Wheels

This is one of my favorite toys, I still love Hot Wheels. The designs are just amazing and they are fun to play with. Hot Wheels for the win! - AnimeDrawer

Why? Because unlike other toy car brands, the're all about speed. They even have iconic cars in their lineup like Batmobiles, Ecto-1, Mystery Machines and cars with designs inspired by DC, WWE and even He-Man!

They are colour changing and are super

I like the real cars

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38 Beanie Boos

I love Beanie Boos! Blossom is so cute and sweet!

All Beanie toys are great! Russ toys and TY toys are my favourite. - SheepBuggy

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39 Pokemon Toys

No - Loosername

I love Pokémon so much I have my Pokémon mega evolve I'm a fan for Pokémon

Pokémon! Gotta catch ém all! - SheepBuggy

40 Playstation 4

Great playStation great graphic and great games - Minecraftisawesone

Not a toy. - Trollsfan536

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