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41 Angry Birds Figures

Yeah! Gotta love 'em Angry Birds danglers. - SheepBuggy

42 My Little Pony

Doesn't suck you start drama and hate,! It's so lovely and fun to play with! they aren't stupid!

Sucks and should be for people who are big fans of stupid ponies.

Dude, I have an opinion, and I think they suck.

I have to admit, though the show isn't quite good, I remember having fun with the figures of MLP that one of my cousins still have. - Loosername

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43 Lalaloopsy

Lalaloopsy toys are not creepy, unless they made them KILLER. The show is also painful.

They remind me of Coraline

Lalaloopsy is so creepy, that one of my friends is afraid of them.

YOOO! Though I haven't played with them, the tears come to my face for remembering the advertisements. - Loosername

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44 Play-Doh

The Play-Doh song always gets stuck in my head! So catchy! - SheepBuggy

I love the brand new play doh

Old goodies. - Loosername

45 Winx

I use to have night mares about that bad guy.

46 Kendama

Its fun, its amazing, and it's so cool when you do trick on this thing!

Totally fun. You have to practice all the time though to get good.

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47 Yo-Yo

Classic! - SheepBuggy

48 The Trash Pack

The older seasons were good. New ones are.. Not so good.. I made a big mistake buying them at the Easter Show. - SheepBuggy

49 Gunpla
50 Shopkins

It's fun to collect toys and mark them off a list.

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51 Geotrax

Oh my god this was my childhood. - Ededdneddyfan55

52 Tamagotchi

I love Tamagotchi toys and the Tamagotchi show that I used to watch when I was 4. - SheepBuggy

Taking care of them for 21 years.


53 Anki Drive
54 Super Powers figures
55 Perfume Laboratory
56 iPad

This is a electronic its not much of a toy

57 Nanoblocks
58 Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

Let me guess. They were made by the same people who made Bump 'Em Hump 'Em Robots

I think they just changed the title because Bump 'Em Hump 'Em Robots just sounds too inappropriate. - SheepBuggy

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59 Power Slammers
60 WWE Rumblers
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