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61 Slinky

Classic Slinky! My stupid brother decided to eat mine though. - SheepBuggy

62 Easy Bake Oven

I thought it was a good toy, but many kids put there finger in there.
Pen from bfdi

63 Zoomer Zuppies

The new robot pups. They interact like a real pup and have different personalities and cool features. - Thelaughmaster

I never had one because my dad thinks there evil - Enderninja327

64 The Simpsons Action Figures

They have Burger King and Hungry Jacks toys too. - SheepBuggy

65 Hatsune Miku Figma Action Figure
66 Kim Possible Dolls
67 SpongeBob Toys V 1 Comment
68 Thomas Wooden Railway
69 The Trash Pack

The older seasons were good. New ones are.. Not so good.. I made a big mistake buying them at the Easter Show. - SheepBuggy

70 Robot Wars Pullbacks
71 Cymbal Monkey V 1 Comment
72 Moshlings

I love these! - SheepBuggy

73 Thomas The Tank Engine V 3 Comments
74 Dancing Teddy Bears

These toys are a dog, fox, male bear, panda, and female bear, all five of them can twerk and play a different song

These scare me. And they twerk? How is this a kids toy? - SheepBuggy

75 Toy Cars

I've played with them since I was 2!

76 Laser Airzooka
77 Tamagotchi

I love Tamagotchi toys and the Tamagotchi show that I used to watch when I was 4. - SheepBuggy

Taking care of them for 21 years.

78 The Ugglys Pet Shop

I honestly think most of the animals are cute, especially the whippet, and dachshund. I love collecting a ton of these and marking them off the lists. I also like the Shopkins, which are basically the same thing, but in a girl's style.

79 Airsoft Guns
80 Pillow Pets
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