Best Tracks From the Dark Knight Rises Originial Motion Picture Soundtrack

The final installment in the brilliant Dark Knight Trilogy has arrived! With most great movies, comes great soundtracks. Here are the best tracks from Hans Zimmer's "The Dark Knight Rises" soundtrack.

The Top Ten

1 Rise

I cry in this scene

2 Gotham's Reckoning
3 The Fire Rises
4 Why Do We Fall?

Why the hell isn't this track at #1 or maybe #2... This is the best track of all in this movie

Its best and reassuring..,. positive... and healing

5 A Storm Is Coming
6 On Thin Ice
7 Mind if I Cut In?

No, I don't mind if you cut in. - HezarioSeth

8 Underground Army
9 Born in Darkness
10 Nothing Out There
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