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1 Fast Car Fast Car Cover Art

Many people thought that she was going to be a one hit wonder after this song. Well, some artists would've rested on their laurels with this one...made a career off of it. Understandably so. It's that good.

Not so good as expected, but is ok!

I listened to it and I love it...

Fast car is a great song I love it I even asked school can it be our gymnastic festival song

2 The Promise The Promise Cover Art

"Heard this for the first time recently (that I can remember on "It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood". Both the film and this song are very touching and very beautiful. I can't believe this song didn't chart when released as a single but has over 4 million You Tube hits. Deserves its high place on the list.

An old friend of mine said that this song was a love song from someone who isn't sure that the one she loves loves her back. I think that's right. That accounts for the sad tinge to this love song. The strings are beautiful. The whole song is beautiful. "Say you'll hold a place for me in your heart. "

For me, this is about two people who have been very in love but their lives are taking them in different ways and they make the promise to find their ways back to each other in the end. Really beautiful, moving, and overall heartbreaking.

This song brought me and my first love at the tender age of 14 back together again after 33 years apart. We are now married and it was our first dance. Thank you Tracey for my happy life x

3 For You For You Cover Art

I love Tracy Chapman's love songs. This one is one of her best. So simple and heartfelt.

The most beautiful and heartfelt song! Love it!

4 Give Me One Reason Give Me One Reason Cover Art

Lots of people would put this song higher, because it has such a great beat and was so popular. The theme is great, too--it's an ultimatum. What an empowering song. Give me a reason to stick around. I've done what I can to make things work, and now the ball is in your court. But if you don't make things right, I will walk.

Great song. Fantastic voice and presence. My favorite.

Love the groove!

5 Smoke and Ashes Smoke and Ashes Cover Art

This is a unique Tracy song. It has one of the widest vocal ranges of any of her songs, and it's also quite long. Like many of Tracy's songs, it is ambiguous. On the one hand, the narrator spends most of the song detailing what was wrong with the relationship that has become "smoke and ashes, baby. " But at the end, the narrator longingly exclaims, "Baby! " over and over again, as if to say that she wants her ex back in spite of it all--or at least misses her ex dearly.

6 I'm Ready I'm Ready Cover Art

Tracy has said that this song was written in regard to the death of her beloved grandfather. It is written from the perspective of someone who has lived a long life and is ready to move to the next, with confidence that heaven will be better than Earth.

7 A Hundred Years A Hundred Years Cover Art

This one is from the point of view of a lover who is desperate for her beloved to come back to her, regardless of the lover's transgressions. "I've been so lonely/These few days feel like a hundred years. "

8 Baby Can I Hold You Baby Can I Hold You Cover Art

Such a deep and emotional song that touches the heart of true love only seen in ones eyes...

I heard this song for the first time on the street by a street artist in Porto, Portugal and fell in love with it

Touches all my emotions

One of the best song of tracy that I always listen to it while it is in repeat button, always... <3 it.

9 Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Cover Art

Powerful song. What if our society were transformed by the power of love?

10 Dreaming On a World Dreaming On a World Cover Art
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11 Talkin' Bout a Revolution Talkin' Bout a Revolution Cover Art

So many memories

12 Sing for You Sing for You Cover Art

I am not quite sure what this song is about, but it's very pretty.

Everything about her songs is beautiful.

13 For My Lover For My Lover Cover Art
14 Crossroads Crossroads Cover Art
15 Change Change Cover Art

This is one of my favorite Tracy songs. It seems simple, but to me it's philosophical. I think this song questions the powers of truth and ignorance. Will knowing the truth and finding wisdom really help us change all those ugly parts of human nature? Can the knowledge of the difference between right and wrong be enough to make us choose right? Tracy doesn't answer this question, but this song is emotional and it has a simple beauty that's hard to forget. I would definitely place this song in my top 7 songs by Tracy!

16 Across the Lines Across the Lines Cover Art

Just love this song... But all her songs are great

17 Unsung Psalm Unsung Psalm Cover Art
18 Matters of the Heart Matters of the Heart Cover Art
19 3000 Miles 3000 Miles Cover Art
20 So So Cover Art
21 Telling Stories Telling Stories Cover Art

Why did I have to ADD this? My favorite Tracy song; used to be my #1 favorite songs until Taylor Swift's "Innocent" overtook it. Just love that soft rock sound. Beautiful organ too!

22 Be and Be Not Afraid Be and Be Not Afraid Cover Art
23 The Rape of the World The Rape of the World Cover Art
24 Why? Why? Cover Art
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