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61 Led Zeppelin II - Led Zeppelin
62 Back In Black - AC/DC

Seriously? It's hard rock.

63 Master of Puppets - Metallica

Recognised as not only the greatest thrash metal record ever made, but also the greatest heavy metal record of all time, and the greatest progressive thrash metal record ever made. 30-years on and still no-one has come close to touching it, which is great but also a little sad.

One of the most recognized albums by Metallica, some say it is the last good one but Justice is awesome and Metallica is okay. But Madter is amazing

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64 Nocturne - Nocturne

One of the heaviest and technical albums I have ever heard. It doesn't seem as heavy as others but The Human Abstract is so hard to play it would take months to learn it.

65 Digital Veil - The Human Abstract

It is a little heavier but just a wee bit less technical. This is the first album without that first singer.

66 Decimate the Weak - Winds of Plague
67 Gone Forever - God Forbid

Pretty good Metalcore.

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68 Alive or Just Breathing - Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage is the bomb. I totally love their music. I love Life to Lifeless

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69 Vulgar Display of Power - Pantera

Pantera isn't as hard as Human Abstract, Winds of Plague, or Killswitch Engage but it is defiantly very heavy. They used to be a hair metal band but they went into heavy metal slowly from Power Metal to Vulgar Display of Power

Sorry to pop your bubble, but this album pummels every album you just mentioned to a bloody pulp. Apart from Demanufacture, this album is the definition of heavy.

70 ... And Justice for All - Metallica

Metallica is not as technical or heavy but it is defiantly very influential. It is very technical and heavy but it isn't the top. Anyways, this album demonstrates Anti-American roots and Anti-American roots. Bringing a huge masterpiece

What? It is their most technical album they ever made. So much so that it regarded as one of the most technical metal records ever made. You must own the demo, because the version I own has Lars at his finest, Hetfield shredding it, and Hammet killing it. Newstead is no doubt playing it technically too, though he's inaudible.

71 Shout at the Devil - Motley Crue
72 Rage for Order - Queensryche

Their most textured, sophisticated, and sublime record. It beats the guitar driven Operation Mindcrime hands down.

73 Too Fast for Love - Motley Crüe

One of the best eps ever made, and I loathe glam.

74 The Dark - Metal Church

All killer, no filler. One of the greatest metal records ever made.

75 Badmotorfinger - Soundgarden

Don't pull that grunge crap on me either. Cornell sings like a young Dio, and this album is Sabbath-inspired metal thru and thru.

76 Superunknown - Soundgarden

Sent this mighty heavy rock/metal band thru the stratosphere. It has so many classics on it that only the Black Album can rival it.

77 Dirt - Alice In Chains

It's heavy, it's depressing, but it is delivered with such beauty and bittersweet harmonies that you can only smile and acknowledge as one of the best. Too many classics to bother mentioning.

78 Garage Inc. - Metallica

2 cds of traditional metal given the Metallica treatment.

79 Awake - Godsmack
80 Melissa - Mercyful Fate
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