Best Tragically Hip Songs

What the title says, the best of the best Hip tunes.

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1 Bobcaygeon

So hard to decide which is actually my favorite! It sometimes seems to be whichever one I'm listening to at the time. However, when I'm not listening to any of them, and I really think about which one impacts me the most emotionally, I would say it would be Bobcaygeon.

A masterpiece... great groove, sweeping, contextually Canadian, but thematically universal.

Bobcageon is such a uniquely gorgeous song. If you want to hear a song that exemplifies Canada, this would be my choice.

I get shivers every time I listen to this song. So many fond memories of my university years when I listen to the Hip. Absolute masterpiece.

2 Ahead by a Century

This is awesome! This is my favourite Hip song, but I did not think that it was going to be in the top spot. I am very surprised and thrilled.

I can and will never get enough of this song.

One of the best alt rock songs I've ever heard. The vocals are awesome. And I love the electric guitar that kicks in toward the end

This song is so much better than the rest of their songs, it's brilliant just want to keep listening to it.

It's so hard to pick one favourite song! I think this one shows the best of all the band with clear, crisp words.

3 New Orleans is Sinking

They warned you WAY ahead of time N'Oleans! Great tune! - VADERtheIMPALER

Cool song. Very cool riff and lyrics. Oh and did I mention the song rocks!

So many great memories attached to this one...

It's a great song

4 Courage (For Hugh Maclennan)

It's always been my favorite.

I think this is by far, their best song. It describes so many of us so well

I have this tattooed on my left forearm!

Definitely a top 5 Hip Song.

5 Poets

Good song but: yer not the ocean is better

I really like this one but it's not my favourite

This is what I think Rock should be...

Always has been my favourite.

6 Nautical Disaster

Absolute masterpiece of a song, possibly the best song by a Canadian band ever.

Easily the best Hip song of all time. Utterly Canadian, great lyrics, provoking rock glory.

Sends chills down my spine when I listen to it. Powerful. One of my all time favorite songs.

Love this song, it's the reason why I got into the Hip in the first place!

7 Blow at High Dough

My brother, rick, I so miss you... G

The song that gets the Concert crowd totally rocking' out... In the early days they started with this one... Now it's the encore song... Love it!

Blow At High Dough, Is one of there best songs ever made. Acually I am kinda sad Because I think there Best song that they ever did was 38 Years old. Then Boots or hearts then blow the high dough, then new orleans is sinking. Then little bones, then three pistols, this song are the best they did it has that classic rock feel, and the newer song they sang are sappy and not like the Album UP TO HERE or Road Apples ot Fully Completly, those were there best years.

Great song to dance to, this gets everyone on the dance floor.

8 Little Bones

There are so many great Hip songs. This one just grabs me a little more.

This one has to be in the top 3 to 5. Classic Hip song. Great guitar riffs.

Good party song! Think it should be a bit higher!

It's like a rock anthem! Should be way higher

9 At the Hundredth Meridian

"Driving down a corduroy road
Weeds standing shoulder high..."

10 38 Years Old

One of their best songs, if not their best. Why it doesn't even crack the top ten is beyond me. "Heard a tap on the window, in the middle of the night. Held back the curtain for, my older brother mike... ", classic Hip.

Deep song, even if you can't relate, it makes you think.

Deep lyrics, great slide guitar, nice track all around. This was the album that made Canada realize that they had a real find in the Hip.

Just wonderful, the best "weeping guitar" I have hear. Sad to the core but so artfully done!

The Contenders

11 Wheat Kings

Powerful metaphor on societal complacency, even indifference, while years drain away in the lives of the wrongfully convicted. David Milgaard, the inspiration for the song, was but one contemporary example stretching back through Steven Truscott and a host of others. Not standard rock fodder, but a perfect example of the Hip's depth.

My favourite song to listen to when sitting by the lake.

Definitely a top 19

Simply the best.

12 Fifty-Mission Cap

NOTHING rocks harder than this. Hip in their finest form, complete with Canadian content and all!

I'm sad another fave hip song it should be the second

Enigmatic, poetic, entrancing rock!

Canadianity at its finest

13 Looking for a Place to Happen
14 Locked In the Trunk of a Car

I adore the menacing riff. It's lyrically brilliant. As well as illustrating the poem like writing of the hip.

The most eerie Hip song ever... Outstanding! This is Canadian ROCK!

How is this not higher?! #2 on my list! Unbelievably well-written song

There are a ton of amazing hip songs but this is their best.

15 Fiddler's Green

The story behind it...and listening to gordie sing it in his last show - wow I don't think I've ever been more affected by a song.

Such a mellow song, Downie sings the song great.. Really portrays a story.

Beautiful piece of music with beautiful lyrics...moves me to tears every time!

Definitely a top 5. When you hear this song, you know the bar is closing...

16 Grace, Too

Just a very powerful opening and then continues to build throughout. Fantastic piece.

Some thing about the intro to this song gets my juices flowing. Love the steady build of the rhythm.

Best opening song of any concert ever! And that's where they play it!

Works its way into your body - beautiful lyrics

17 Three Pistols

Great song Does the Best Beat in the back ground

Kickin beat! You can't go wrong cranking this one up on the box.

Always loved this one...


18 It's a Good Life If You Don't Weaken

An outstanding beginning... Mesmerizing, melodic, takes you deep within the song for a tranquil, settling ride... Definitely 1 of the Hip's best!

Beautiful song... Great singing by Gordie... Beautiful guitar by Robbie... Needs to be played more live... Hopefully in 2015 tour!

R.I.P. Gord, thanks for the music and the memories that went with them.

19 The Darkest One

Love love this song! Downie's signature up and down vocals are wonderful.

Beautiful melodics.

20 Last American Exit

This one deserves to be higher up on the list

21 Pigeon Camera

A riff that flows over me like no other and transports me like a time-machine to an earlier happy age.

As good a song as the Hip ever did!

Song wasn't even listed, C'mom!

22 When the Weight Comes Down

This is a classic and wasn't even listed! For shame!

Don't know why they don't play this live? Awesome song!

23 Boots or Hearts

Awesome song thumbs up love it

Way higher! Top 10

Great tune

24 In View

This will become the quintessential Tragically Hip song in the years to come.

A song that brings back Memories

Great singalong!

25 So Hard Done By

Fabulously underrated gem! Great lead guitar... And bongos!

Awesome heavy groove that is almost hypnotic. Pulls the listener in like a snake charmer. So cool!

Play it loud. The best driving song. Heads bobbing to the beat. Singing at the top of our lungs. Love you Hip!

My favourite for sure

26 Long Time Running

My favorite ballad. I've listened to it a thousand times and it touches me every time I hear it.

Beautiful song from a great band

Was my wedding song!

It's been a longg time running, but well worth the wait

27 My Music at Work

Not their best work... Played too much live!

Can't believe this, best song

28 Scared

Amazing song. Probably not their best but deserves top ten. Likely overshadowed by more "popular" songs.

How is this not in the top ten? Such a great song!

This is by far my absolute favourite Hip song.


29 Cordelia

Just to see how far down it really is

Oh my God. This song has so much Gord in it. Unreal heart and energy. How is this song so far down the list? My favourite Hip song for sure probably because the studio recording was so damn good.

This needs to be top ten.

30 Gift Shop

..."we're forced to bed, but we're free to dream"... The best Hip song ever! Please play on 2015 tour... St. Catharines!

Best Hip tune of all time... Gordie playing the acoustic... Please play in St. Catharines in 2015!

31 Trickle Down

I honestly can't understand why this isn't number one.

I think lots of people forget this one. GREAT SONG

One of my favorites!

The best song ever!

32 In a World Possessed by the Human Mind

Warmed up to this one. Drums are a little heavy but the vocal melody is great.

Going to be a classic

33 Vaccination Scar

One of my all time favorites

34 Fireworks

Great song, great commentary on the cold war

Such a great song, as a younger fan the Paul Henderson reference makes me think of crosbys goal in Vancouver

35 Highway Girl
36 Fully Completely

Should be higher. Has great dynamics with the vocals and instruments. The lead guitar really makes the song too.

37 Opiated

So good, so under appreciated.

Different. Canadian reality to the core. what a soulful song

38 The Depression Suite

Almost 10 minutes long, and you still wish it was longer! Excellent song! The Hip are, and will always be my favourite band! I was lucky enough to see them at salmon fest last year! Excellent music!

39 Thugs

My top 3.

Play on 2015 tour St. Catharines please!
" I do the rollin' you do the detail"...

40 Love is a First
41 The Last Recluse

Just listen to that song and you'll see it's perfect in every way

Absolutely LOVE this song!

42 In Sarnia
43 At Transformation

Of their recent songs its by far the best

44 Greasy Jungle

One of the most underrated songs from there catalogue

Completely agree move this up people!

45 Don't Wake Daddy

One of my favorite songs from them, never heard it on the radio

46 Twist My Arm
47 Small Town Bringdown

Actually a Gord Sinclair song. Surprised me.

48 Now the Struggle Has a Name

Gord showing off perhaps his finest vocal range from their entire catalogue.
Such a great, melodic tune.

49 Family Band

This one is my favourite Tragically Hip tune

50 I Believe In You

She said, "that's it! That's it! "

"GET OUUUT! " lol

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