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21 When the Weight Comes Down When the Weight Comes Down

This is a classic and wasn't even listed! For shame!

Don't know why they don't play this live? Awesome song!

22 Pigeon Camera Pigeon Camera

A riff that flows over me like no other and transports me like a time-machine to an earlier happy age.

As good a song as the Hip ever did!

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23 Boots or Hearts Boots or Hearts

Awesome song thumbs up love it

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24 In View

This will become the quintessential Tragically Hip song in the years to come.

A song that brings back Memories

Great singalong!

25 My Music at Work My Music at Work

Not their best work... Played too much live!

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26 Gift Shop Gift Shop

..."we're forced to bed, but we're free to dream"... The best Hip song ever! Please play on 2015 tour... St. Catharines!

Best Hip tune of all time... Gordie playing the acoustic... Please play in St. Catharines in 2015!

27 So Hard Done By So Hard Done By

Fabulously underrated gem! Great lead guitar... And bongos!

Awesome heavy groove that is almost hypnotic. Pulls the listener in like a snake charmer. So cool!

Play it loud. The best driving song. Heads bobbing to the beat. Singing at the top of our lungs. Love you Hip!

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28 Cordelia Cordelia

Just to see how far down it really is

Oh my God. This song has so much Gord in it. Unreal heart and energy. How is this song so far down the list? My favourite Hip song for sure probably because the studio recording was so damn good.

29 In a World Possessed by the Human Mind In a World Possessed by the Human Mind

Warmed up to this one. Drums are a little heavy but the vocal melody is great.

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30 Trickle Down Trickle Down

I honestly can't understand why this isn't number one.

I think lots of people forget this one. GREAT SONG

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31 Vaccination Scar Vaccination Scar V 1 Comment
32 Fireworks Fireworks

Great song, great commentary on the cold war

Such a great song, as a younger fan the Paul Henderson reference makes me think of crosbys goal in Vancouver

33 Scared Scared

Amazing song. Probably not their best but deserves top ten. Likely overshadowed by more "popular" songs.

How is this not in the top ten? Such a great song!

This is by far my absolute favourite Hip song.

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34 Opiated Opiated V 2 Comments
35 Thugs Thugs V 2 Comments
36 Fully Completely Fully Completely

Should be higher. Has great dynamics with the vocals and instruments. The lead guitar really makes the song too.

37 The Last Recluse

Just listen to that song and you'll see it's perfect in every way

38 At Transformation At Transformation

Of their recent songs its by far the best

39 Highway Girl Highway Girl
40 Greasy Jungle Greasy Jungle

One of the most underrated songs from there catalogue

Completely agree move this up people!

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