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41 At Transformation

Of their recent songs its by far the best

42 Highway Girl
43 Greasy Jungle

One of the most underrated songs from there catalogue

Completely agree move this up people!

44 Don't Wake Daddy

One of my favorite songs from them, never heard it on the radio

45 In Sarnia
46 Twist My Arm
47 Small Town Bringdown V 1 Comment
48 Now the Struggle Has a Name

Gord showing off perhaps his finest vocal range from their entire catalogue.
Such a great, melodic tune.

49 Family Band

This one is my favourite Tragically Hip tune

50 I Believe In You V 2 Comments
51 The Lonely End of the Rink

This song just rocks. Starts by punching you straight in the mouth with a wall of sound. Gord Downie delivers a quintessential Canadian experience many of us know all about. Young goalies pay attention.

52 Yer Not the Ocean
53 Lake Fever
54 Tired as F**k

One of the best songs by far on Man Machine Poem!

55 What Blue

This is such a great song. One of their very best. Surprised not more support but we all have our tastes I guess.

56 Stay
57 The Bear
58 Something On

Top favorites rip gord

59 Silver Jet

How is this song not ranked higher?

Great rocking' tune.

60 Morning Moon

Drastically underrated piece in their catalogue

From the album "We are the same".

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