Drive By


I used to think Soul Sister was best. Then I heard this. I'm learning it on guitar asap. Its one of the best songs I've EVER heard. As soon as it starts my foot begins to tap. You just have to get up and dance. Also has a great meaning in the lyrics.

Just saw Train in an outdoor concert last night! They sound BETTER live! If that's possible. They are a humble band - so cool to see in this day and age! Focusing on gratitude and not greed is what their lead singer said.

This was the first song of train I've ever known so I kept on listening to other songs from train but I still liked this song better

Heard this song in the store, asked if they knew what it was called, they said no. I was desperate to find the name of this awesome song. Now listening to it non-stop!

Utterly amazing! Xx I love this song and is definitely my favourite song at the moment, it is such a dance tune and really gets you moving x

This song is the best in the world, should be number one and stocks in my head all day. I sing it all the time cause I really love and adore it. This guy has a good voice...

This song has a personal attachment that memorializes people that I love from my childhood and makes me think of them every time I listen. Drive By rocks!

It's such a catchy song, you can listen to it over and over again and it's a good dance song and it deserves to be in the top 3

It is an awesome song that should go to the top in no time every body should listen to it and it talks about real life

Finally in the top three, and well deserved! Totally a fun sing-along summer hit. Well done, Train. Well. Done.

I love this song so much! It's my favourite song, the lyrics are easy to catch and TRAIN'S my favourite band!

Awesome guitar... Hats off to the guitarists... Love the tune and even love the song

I really like this song I sing when it comes on the radio. I love the chorus. It's fun to dance to.

This is such a good song.I just love it.It is the best song from the Train.It is just so beautiful.Just Awesome.

Amazing! Third? Please! Best song ever here, and it's third! Come on!

Another truly amazing song I've listened performed by Train))

I LOVE THIS SONG, I think that it should be either 1st or 2nd

Best song I've ever heard! Ma favourite, awesomest, coolest, great job TRAIN! You rock

This is a song which makes me listen it again and again...

This song should definitely be no. 1! It's so catchy!

I like this song when I listen to it is give the feeling in a good way.

I heard this song once, and I loved it within the first one minute.

This song has a really catchy beat that makes you wanna DANCE!

This is the frist song of train I ever hear it better than hey soul sister it should be number one guys come on vote for this track it crazy danis song
And when it goes drive byy
I go crazy

One word: Epic. Now THIS is real music.